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Tere Khushboo Mein Base Khat

Lyrics by Rajendranath Rahbar

Tere Khushboo mein basey khat main jalata kaise
Pyar mein doobe hue khat main jalata kaise
Tere haaton ke likhe khat main jalata kaise

Khushboo: Aroma
Basna: To dwell, abide; to be peopled, be settled, be populated, be cultivated; to be full, be well-peopled; to settle, encamp, lodge, perch, roost; to prosper, flourish, thrive
Khat: Letter, Line, Mark, Rap
Jalaana: Burn
Kaise: How
Pyar: Amour, Kiss, Love
Doobna: To dive; to sink, drown, be drowned; to drown oneself; to be immersed, be submerged, inundated, deluged, or flooded; to be lost, be sacrificed (as capital, reputation, &c.); to be destroyed, be ruined; to sink, go down, set (as the sun); to sink, faint (as the heart); to be absorbed, be engrossed, be lost (in business, or study, or thought, &c.)
Haath: Arm, Hand
Likhna: Write

Jinko duniya ki nigahon se chupaye rakha
Jinko ek umr kalaje se lagaye rakha
Deen jinko jinhe imaan banaye rakha
Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalata kaise

Jin Ko: Those, That
Duniya: World, Worldly Goods
Nigaah: Attention, Care, Close, Custody, Glance, Look, Regard, Sight
Chupa: Hidden, concealed
Rakhna: Keep, Locate, Maintain
Umr: Age, Life-Time, Span Of Life
Kaleyja: Liver, Heart, Internal organs
Lagaana: Apply, Arrange, Attach, Begin, Join, Reach
Deen: Faith, Religion
Iimaan: Belief, Conscience, Creed, Faith, Just
Banaana: Build, Coin, Constraint, Fabricate, Laugh, Make, Manufacture, Mould, Produce

Jinka har lafz mujhe yaad tha paani ki tarah
yaad the mujhko jo paigam-e-zubani ki tarah
Mujhko pyaare the jo anmool nishani ki tarah
Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalata kaise

Har: All, Every, Each
Lafz: Word, Saying, Term
Yaad: Remembrance, Memory, Recollection
Paani: Water
Tarah: Condition, Design, Form, Foundation, Like, Manner, Mode, Plan, Style, Type, Way
Paigaam: Message, News, Advice
Zubaan: Dialect, Flame (Of A Candle), Language, Tongue, Speech
Zubaani: Orally, Verbal, Verbally, Viva Voce, Vocal
Paigaam-e-zubaani: Oral Message
Anmol: riceless, invaluable; very valuable; precious
Nishaani: Book Mark, Keepsake, Memento, Mark, Memorial, Offspring, Remembrance, Sign, Souvenir, Token

Tune duniya ki nigahon se jo bachkar likhe
Saal-ha-saal mere naam barabar likhe
Kabhi din mein to kabhi raat ko uth kar likhe

Bachaana: Bind, Collect, Fend, Hide, Help, Liberate, Preserve, Protect Remove, Rescue, Save, Separate, Shield
Saal-ha-saal: Year after year
Baraabar: Accurate, Adjoining Alike, Continually, Equal, Even, Flat, Identical, Level, Opposite, Straight
Uthna: Arise, Get Up, Rise, Wake

Tere khushboo mein base khat main jalata kaise
Pyar mein doobe hue khat main jalata kaise
Tere haaton ke likhe khat main jalata kaise

Tere khat aaj main ganga mein baha aaya hun (2)
Aag behte hue paani mein laga aaya hun

Bahaa: Flowed; floated; afloat, adrift
Bahaana, Baha deyna: To make or cause to flow; to pour forth or out; to set afloat or adrift, to launch; to squander, waste; to sell cheap, to throw away
Aag: Flame, Fire, Incensement (Figurative: Anger, Passion, Love, Lust)
Behta: Floating, flowing, adrift, afloat