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Man Re Tu Kaahe Naa Dhiir Dhare

Lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi

मन रे तू काहे न धीर धरे
वो निर्मोही मोह न जाने किन्जा मोह करे

man re tuu kaahe naa dhiir dhare
vo nirmohii moh naa jaane, jinkaa moh kare

धीर, Dhiir: Steady, holding firmly (to), steadfast; enduring, patient; durable, lasting, stable, continual, constant
धरे, Dhare: Holding, bearing, carrying; wearing; possessing, having, possessed of; containing;
निर्मोही, Nirmohii: Free from illusion, or fascination; free from attachment; without affection; unkind;–one who is wanting in affection
मोह, Moh: ignorance, folly, fatuity, infatuation, delusion;–fascination, allurement, charm;–error, mistake, going astray;–affection, love, kindness, sympathy, compassion, pity;–(in philos.) darkness or delusion of mind preventing the discernment of truth

इस जीवन की चढ़ती ढलती धूप को किसने बांधा
रंग पे किसने पहरे डाले रूप को किसने बांधा
कहे ये जतन करे

is jiivan kii cha.Dhtii Dhaltii
dhuup ko kisne baa.ndhaa pe kisne pahare Daale
rup ko kisne baa.ndhaa
kaahe ye jatan kare

चढ़ती, Chadti: Rising
ढलती, Dhalti: Setting
धूप, Dhuup: Sunlight, sunshine, heat of the sun, the sun
पहरा, Pahra: A turn of watch; a charge;–a watch, watchman, sentinel; a guard;–turn, time, period
रूप, Rup: Outward appearance or phenomenon, form, figure, shape, appearance
जतन, Jatan: Striving, exertion, effort, energy, endeavour, diligence, perseverance

उतना ही उपकार समझ कोई जितना साथ निभा दे
जनम मरण का मेल है सपना ये सपना बिसरा दे
कोई न संग मरे

utanaa hii upkaar samajh koI
jitnaa saath nibhaa de
janam maraN kaa mel hai sapnaa
ye sapnaa bisraa de
koI na mare

उपकार, Upkaar: Favour, kindness, benefit, beneficence, goodness; assistance; preservation, protection
निभाना, Nibhaana: Achieve, Maintain
मेल, Mel: Meeting, coming together, assemblage; union, intercourse; mixture, mixing together
बिसराना, Bisraana: To cause to forget; to forget (=bisārnā), to efface from the memory; to distract, beguile; to mislead