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Kaun Kehta Hai Mohabbat

Lyrics by Sahir Hoshiyapuri

Kaun kehta hai mohabbat ki zuban hoti hain…
Yeh haqeeqat to nigahon se bayan hoti hain

Kaun: Being, Existence, What, Who
Kehna: To Say
Mohabbat: Affection, Amour, Love
Zubaan: Dialect, Flame (Of A Candle), Language, Tongue, Speech
Haqeeqat: Truth, Reality, Narration, Condition
Nigaah: Attention, Care, Close, Custody, Glance, Look, Regard, Sight
Bayaan: Account, Declare, Description, Explanation, Manifestation, Narration, Relate, State Statement, Tale

Woh na aaye tou satati hai khalish see dil ko…
Woh jo aaye to khalish aur jawan hoti hain

Sataana: Aggrieve, Molest, Tease, Torture Torment
Khalish: Prick, Pain, Anxiety, Apprehension, Suspicion
Aur: Another, More, Other
Jawaan: Young, Youth

Rooh ko shaad karey dil ko jo purnoor karey…
Har nazaaray mein yeh tanveer kahan hoti hain

Rooh: oul, Spirit, Life, Essence, Divine Revelation
Shaad: Bring Joy To, Cheerful, Delighted, Happy, Lightsome, Rejoicing, Winsome
Pur: Full, full of, laden, charged, complete, abounding in, exceeding, quite, very
Noor Bright, Light, Luminescence, Luster, Refulgence
Pur-noor: Filled with light
Nazaara: Sight, View, Vista
Tanveer: Illumination, Light, Radiance
Kahaan: Where about, Where, Whereto, Whither

Sabt-e-saelaab-e-mohabbat ko kahan tak rokay…
Dil mein jo baat ho aankho se ayaan hoti hain

Sabt: Permanence, A Seal, Writing
Saelaab: Flood, Deluge, Torrent
Rokna: To stop
Baat: Affair, Betrothal, Business Proposal, Gossip, Matter, News, Overture, Proposal, Point, Problem
Aankh: Eye, Optic
Ayaan: Obvious, Visible

Zindagi ek sulgati see chita hai `Sahir’…
Shola banti hain na yeh bhuj ke dhuaan hoti hain

Zindagi: Existence, Life, Living
Sulag: To be kindled, be ignited, be set light to; to light; to burn without smoke or flame, to burn clearly or brightly; to be inflamed, be excited, be roused, be irritated
Chita: Panther, Leopard, Death Pyre
Sahir: A reference to the poet, Sahir Hoshiyapuri
Shola: Blaze, Light
Bhuj: To be put out, extinguished (a fire, light, &c.); to be quenched (as thirst); to be allayed or satisfied (as hunger, or a feeling or passion); to be slaked (as lime); to be tempered (as steel)
Dhuaan: Smoke

Kaun kehta hai mohabbat ki zuban hoti hain
Yeh haqeeqat to nikhaon say bayan hoti hain