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Labon Se Choom Lo

Lyrics by Gulzar

labon se choom lo, aankhon se thaam lo mujhko
tumhiin se janmoon to shayad mujhe panaah mile

Lab: Lip
Choom: Kiss
Thaam: To prop, bear, support; to sustain, maintain; to assist; to protect, shelter, shield; to lay hold of, to hold, clutch, seize; to stop, prevent, withhold, restrain, check; to pull up (a horse); to resist:
Janam: Birth
Panaah: Asylum, Protection, Refuge, Shelter

do saundhey-saundhey se jism jis waqt
ek mutthi mein so rahe the
bata do us waqt main kahaan tha
bata do us waqt too kahaan thi

Saundhey: To press together; to rub together; to rub, smear, daub; to rub cloth with fuller’s earth or with mud (preparatory to washing); to mash, to mix, mingle; to knead; to wash out, rinse
Jism: Body
Mutthi: Fist

main aarzoo ki tapish mein pighal rahi thi kahin
tumhare jism se hokar nikal rahi thi kahin
bade haseen the jo raah mein gunaah mile
tumhiin se janmoon to shayad ………

Aarzoo: Aspiration, Desire, Hankering, Hunger, Longing, Solicitude, Wish, Yearning, Yen
Tapish: Heat, Warmth
Pighalna: Assuage, Liquefy, Melt, Mollify
Gunaah: Crime, Fault, Guilt, Offence, Sin, Transgression

tumhari lau ko pakadke jalney ki aarzoo mein
jab apne hi aap se lipat ke sulag raha tha
bata do us waqt main kahaan tha
bata do us waqt too kahaan thi

Lau: Ardent Desire, Attachment, Candle Flame, Expectation
Lipatna: Embrace, Entangle, Wrap
Sulagna: To be kindled, be ignited, be set light to; to light; to burn without smoke or flame, to burn clearly or brightly; to be inflamed, be excited, be roused, be irritated

tumhari aankhon ke saahil se door door kahin
main dhoondati thi miley khushboo.on ka noor kahin
vahiin ruki hoon jahaan se tumhari raah mile
tumhiin se janmoon to shayad ………

Saahil: Beach, River-Side, Shore, Bank
Khushboo: Aroma, Fragrance
Noor: right, Light, Luminescence, Luster, Refulgence