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Kahaan Se Aaye Badra

Lyrics by Indu Jain

Kahaa.N Se Aae Badaraa
Ghulataa Jaae Kajaraa
Kahaa.N Se Aae Badaraa
Ghulataa Jaae Kajaraa

Kahaan: Where about, Where, Whereto, Whither
Badra: loud; cloudiness
Ghulna: Languish, Mix, Melt
Kajra: amp-black (applied medicinally and as a collyrium to the eyes); soot:, mascara

Palako.N Ke Satara.Nge Diipak
Ban Baithe Aa.Nsuu Ki Jhalar
Motii Kaa Anamolak Hiiraa
Mittii Me Jaa Phisalaa
Kahaa.N Se Aae Badaraa …

Palak: Eyelash, A Moment, An Instant
Satrang: Rainbow colors
Dipak: Lamp
Jhalar: Jabot, Lace (jabot: a pleated frill of cloth or lace attached down the center front of a woman’s blouse or dress)
Moti: Pearl
Anmol: Priceless, invaluable; very valuable; precious
Hiira: Diamond
Mitti: Burial, Earth, Land, Mud, Trash
Phisalanaa: To Slip

Nii.Nd Piyaa Ke Sa.Ng Sidhaarii
Sapano.N Ki Suukhii Phulavaarii
AmrIt Hotho.N Tak Aate Hii
Jaise Vishh Me.N Badalaa
Kahaa.N Se Aae Badaraa …

Niind: Sleep
Piya: Beloved, Husband, Lover
Sang: Accompanying, Along With
Sidhaarna: To set out, set off, start; to go, depart; to depart this life, to die (the word is, generally speaking, one of affection or tenderness)
Sapna: Dream
Suukha: Lank, Thin Withered
Phulvaari: A flower-garden; an orchard;–offspring, children, family
Amrit: Nectar
Honth: Lip
Vish: Poison
Badal: Change, Equivalent, Exchange, Substitution

Utare Megh Yaa Phir Chhaaye
Nirday Jho.Nke Agana Ba.Dhaaye
Barase Hai.N Ab Tose Saavan
Roe Man Hai Pagalaa
Kahaa.N Se Aaye Badaraa …

Utarna: Befall, Get Off, Get Down, Lessen
Megh: Colud
Chhaaya: Shade, Umbra, Umbrage
Nirday: Pitiless, merciless, hard-hearted, unkind, unfeeling, severe, cruel
Jhonka: Waft, Blow of Air, Breeze
Agan: Fire
Bhadaana: Fan, Enlargen
Barasna: To Cause to Rain, To Shower Down, To Pour Down, To Scatter, To Winnow the Grain
To:Thy, thine
Saawan: Month/season of harvest (autumn), solar days; a natural or civil day (from sunrise to sunset)
Rona: To cry, to weep
Pagla: Mad, Crazy