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Dil-e-Muztar Redux

A Farida Khanum version of the ghazal Dil-e-Muztar was published on this blog a few years ago. It saw a sudden increase in the number of views in the last two weeks and a little investigation uncovered this video:

A new serial called Dil-e-Muztar began in February 2013, and people searching for the title song (lyrics/meaning) were likely led to the Farida Khanum version.

To those who visit looking for this title song, please do take the time to listen to the Farida Khanum version if you have not already heard it.

Finally, this title song video lists the poet as Imdad Hussain Imdad while in the Farida Khanum version blog post, the poet is listed as Faiyaz Hashmi. Can someone clarify?


Music is a superior medium to books when it comes to learning a new language.  Ek Fankaar is an attempt to improve my Hindi/Urdu vocabulary and to learn to appreciate Ghazals and Hindi film songs at the same time.