Ulfat Mein Baraabar Hai


Lyrics by Ameer Minai

A few notes:

* The few available references to this Ghazal mention only the first two lines as a Ameer Minai composition (specifically as a couplet).

* raaga.com has an audio version as part of Naina Devi’s album: Thumri (The Music of Love). The permalink for this is: http://www.raaga.com/play/?id=231669; wordpress does not allow embedding the raaga.com audio player. Keep in mind that raaga.com incorrectly identifies this song title as “Kahene Deti Nahi Kuchch” as do few other sites which have the mp3 versions of this song.

* If you find a suitable embeddable link on youtube or other mainstream site, please leave a comment with the details.

उल्फत में बराबर है वफ़ा हो के जफ़ा हो
हर बात में लज्ज़त है अगर दिल में मज़ा हो

ulfat mein baraabar hai wafa ho ke jafa ho
har baat mein lazzat hai agar dil mein mazaa ho

उल्फत, Ulfat: Affection, Love
बराबर, Baraabar: Accurate, Adjoining Alike, Continually, Equal, Even, Flat, Identical, Level, Opposite, Straight
वफ़ा, Wafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
जफ़ा, Jafaa: Oppression, Unfaithful, Injustice, Injury, Violence
लज्ज़त, Lazzat: Taste, Deliciousness, Joy, Pleasurable Experience, Relish, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Flavour
मज़ा, Mazaa:Enjoyment, Jest, Jocularity, Raillery, Wit

आये जो मेरी लाश पे वो तंज़ से बोले
अब मैं हूँ खफा तुमसे के तुम मुझसे खफा हो

aaye jo meri laash pe vo tanz se bole
ab main hoon khafaa tumse ke tum mujhse khafaa ho

लाश, Laash: Corpse, Dead Body
तंज़, Tanz: Jest, Irony, Laugh, Quirk, Sarcasm, Satire, Wisecrack, Witticism
खफा, Khafaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy

मेहमान-ए-चमन आज मेरा है गुल-ए-नाज़ुक
कह दो के दब-ए-पाँव-ओ-रवां बाद-ए-सबा हो

mehamaan-e-chaman aaj mera hai gul-e-naazuk
kah do ke dab-e-paon-o-ravaan baad-e-sabaa ho

मेहमान, Mehmaan: Guest
चमन, Chaman: Flower Garden, Flower Bed, A Blooming or Flourishing Place
गुल, Gul: Rose, Flower, Ornament, Brand
नाज़ुक, Naazuk: Brittle, Delicate, Fragile, Light, Slender, Thin
दबा, Dabaa: Pressed down; crouched; alarmed; kept under restraint or control; subdued; snubbed; cowed
पाँव, Paaon: Legs, Feet
दब-ए-पाँव, Dab-e-Paaon: With noiseless tread, with silent or soft steps, noiselessly; timidly; furtively, stealthily
रवां, Ravaan: Move, Flow, Soul, Life
बाद, Baad: Wind, Air, Breeze
सबा, Sabaa: Breeze, Gentle Cool Breeze, Wind
बाद-ए-सबा, Baad-e-Sabaa: Morning Wind, Zephyr

क्या हाथ में दर-कार अमीर उनको है नी-गीर
छू लें गुल-ए-आरीज़ तो वोही रंग-ए-हिना हो

kya haath mein dar-kaar ‘Amiir’ unko hai nii-giir
chuu lein gul-e-aariiz to vohi rang-e-hinaa ho

दर-कार, Dar-Kaar: Necessary; in requisition, required, wanted
अमीर, Ameer: A reference to the poet, Ameer Minai
नी, Ni: A suffixed emphatic particle (adds emphasis to the following word)
गीर, Giir: Taking, seizing, holding; conquering;—taker, holder, catcher, conqueror
छूना, Chuunaa: To touch
आरीज़, Aariiz: Barring, Cheek, Facing, Intervening, Lips, Occurring, Preventing (in this context, Cheek/Lips fit best)
हिना, Hinaa: The plant Lawsonia inermis, Egyptian privet or Indian myrtle, henna (used for dyeing the hands and feet and hair)
रंग-ए-हिना, Rang-e-Hinaa: Red Color

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