What happened to the ekfankaar YouTube account?

Unfortunately, YouTube decided to flag some of the posts as copyright violations and deletion of the ekfankaar YouTube account was the only meaningful option available.
An attempt has been made to replace the links with other versions of the ghazals/songs available on YouTube. Posts that are missing the audio/video are tagged with the No Video tag. Your help in posting links to missing audio/video is always appreciated.

Translation of individual words does not help me understand the ghazal/song better. What is the poet trying to convey?

At this point, a poetic transliteration of the songs/ghazals is beyond the ability/knowledge of the site owner — hopefully that time will come. Comments offering interpretations/transliterations are always welcome.

What are the advertisements I am seeing on this blog?

Please refer to this link from wordpress.com about the ads you may be seeing. This blog has neither signed up for the WordAds program nor purchased the “No Ads Upgrade”. All proceeds of these ads go directly to wordpress.com to support their operational costs. If these new ads are too frequent and/or greatly degrade your reading experience, please add a comment to let this blog admin know.