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A searchable list of Urdu and Hindi words

Vaneeta’s Urdu-English Dictionary

A browsable list of Urdu Words – unfortunately, Yahoo! has discontinued Geocities and you need to access the archived versions of this resource

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  1. Tawhid on

    Found youy site URL in youtube. I love the idea and effort you are putting in. I always wanted to know the meanings of some of my all time favourite ghazals.
    CHEERS mate!!

  2. Shreyas on

    I appreciate your efforts in compiling this website. I listen to ghazals all the time. Hindi, Urdu and Marathi…I love your collection, there are quite a few ghazals I hadnt heard before. I always had trouble understanding some Urdu shaire. I would search for translations online or bug my friends who understand Urdu better than I do….
    Your pages are surely another resource for me..
    Keep up the good work…

  3. Vijay Hatewar on

    Bahot khub , I appreciate what you are doing. I got navigated to your page after putting a query for lyrics of Jindgi raah main , and i realized i was singing few lines wrongly. 🙂 Thanks

  4. Rachna on


    Very good effort! Could you please tell me the meaning of rindo…I love the album VISIONS by Jagjit singh…could you please upload the meaning of the ghazals in that album.


  5. girish sardessai on

    you are doing a fantastic job,keep it up !!!!

  6. girish sardessai on


  7. girish sardessai on


  8. Vipan Passi on

    Wow !! What an excellent website to understand our favourite ghazals and other lovely songs. The enjoyment of a song increases if one understands the meaning of the words. Thanks a lot. I had been looking for something like this for years. Regards.
    Vipan Passi

  9. Vipan Passi on

    Please give the meaning of the ghazal ‘Nuktachin hai ghame dil’ from Mirza Ghalib. Not just the literal meaning of the words, but the meaning of all the couplets, especially the one ‘Ghair phirta hai liye yun tere khat ko, ki agar, koi pooche ke ye kya hai, to chhupaye na bane’. What is the poet conveying?
    Vipan Passi

  10. rahulsale on

    You are doing an excellent job.
    I have some thing like this to do for all our classical songs. But i am not having tha much knowledge of it.
    You have really done great job here…

    Keep it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mandar on

    I am quite new to the Ghazal world and found your site while searching through Google. Just wanted to say thank you for putting such effort, I now stand clear of the many difficulties I had in understanding Ghazals!

  12. Rajeev on

    “The enjoyment of a song increases if one understands the meaning of the words” fully agree with Vipin – we are fortune to have this easy access – added to it the benefit of youtube – one of my favourites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgORG0PMGAU&feature=channel_page

  13. Pranav on

    I am very thankful for all effort you are putting to share all this information.

    I am also subscribed to your Youtube channel and that’s how I found your blog.

    Keep up the great work.


  14. Ayya on

    I was looking for a web site like this. Thank you so much. Now after all these long years I can enjoy the music and know the meaning.

    Keep it up.


  15. Ayya on

    More people will visit your site if they only know of its existence. I will forward this link to my kids, friends etc.

  16. Faiz on

    This site is a must visit for every gazal lover. Qudos for the effort.

  17. gayatri on

    what happened to your youtube account??? I was one of your subscribers, i’m sure tons of people are missing it.

  18. Shafiq on

    Kindly let me know the meaning of the word “RAMZ”

    • Mukund Palshikar on

      Salaam Walekum,

      Shafiqbhai, Ramz means ‘secret’ or ‘mistery’.

  19. Rakesh Dave on

    You have put tremendous efforts!
    To me this is Encyclopedia of Ghazals.
    I would love to visit your blogs again and again!

    I am searching one Ghazal

    Pankaj Udhas sung it. I do not know name of Poet / Shayar / Ghazalist.

    • Anonymous on

      Manna Dey sang it before Pankaj Udas

  20. Mukund Palshikar on

    Salaam Walekum,

    I love this web-site like anything. It has improved my knowledge about gazals a lot. I came to know the meaning of many many great gazals. Please accept my sincere thanks to you. I expect to add more and more gazals which will be very pleasurable to Urdu lovers.

    Meanwhile, I would like to bring to your attention that a very popular gazal “Na kisi ki aankh kaa noor hoon” has been credited to “Bahadur Shah Jafar” in this web site. To the best of my knowledge and the available information, this gazal is written by a great poet “Muztar Khairabadi”. I request you to make this correction.

    Wish all the best to this web-site.

    Many thanks.
    Kavi Mukund

  21. Bharat on

    I was lucky to come to this blog and would keep on coming back to it to be able to understand the ghazals in more better way. I have been hearing lots of them since a long long time – specailly of ghulam ali – and still few things I could not understand even after asking around were mostly cleard here. thanks for the huge effort.

  22. modgil vijay on

    bahut hi aachi koshish hai jis hazaron ko fiada hoga

  23. modgil vijay on

    good try

  24. Ajay on

    A searchable urdu – english dictionary can be found at :

  25. chetan lapshia on

    such a wounderful job you have done , thank you very very much.
    chetan lapshia (gazal lover)

  26. Sanjeev on

    Thanks for your efforts. I was searching for the lyrics of ‘Zindagi mein to sabhi Pyar Liya karte Hain’ and then stumbled upon this site two days ago. And since then I must have visited this at least a dozen times to search for meaning of some urdu words. Bahot Bahot Sukriyaa !


  27. Sanjeev on

    Aologies for the Typo. I meant ‘Kiya’ and not ‘Liya’. 🙂

  28. intelligent&unique on

    thank you so much! I was looking for meaning of a gazal and directed here. I loved your blog! You have put in so much hard work.

  29. Aliashesh on

    I cannot but echo all the compliments you so richly deserve! Keep up the great work! It is a great service to humanity and ghazal lovers in South Asia.

  30. kalind on

    What an amazing work you guys are doing. It has helped me understand ghazals in a better way. Keep up the good work. Just one request… Can to give the meaning of the ghazal “who dil Nawaz hai lekin nazar shenas hai” by Nasir Kazmi and sung by our very great Ustad Mehdi Hassan

  31. kalind on

    sorry for the mistake its “who dil Nawaz hai lekin nazar shenas nahi”

  32. Parag on

    Excellent contribution to understanding meaning of Urdu words. SImply superb !

  33. K V S Manian on

    I like the website a lot . I visited it for the first time . Actually cam looking for the Jagjit Singh Ghazal ” Tere Qadmon me sar hoga” . Though I did not find it , I think I have a good place to come to for interpreting ghazals , which is my favourite form of music.

  34. saidbyarshad on

    Aapki iss khoobsurat website ke liye shukriya..
    Itme kareene se harr ek cheez ko sajaya hai aapne…
    Waakai! La-jawb hai…

  35. Amit on

    Wonderful efforts and highly accurate meanings. Thanks a lot:)
    Could you please help with – “Yeh Main Yeh Kuvedar Yeh Tanhai Doston”
    Written by Ahmad Faraz and sung by Ghulam Ali.
    It will be really helpful.

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