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Meri Aahon Mein Asar Hai

Poet unknown — Please leave a comment with details if you know who wrote this ghazal
Lyrics by Abdul Hameed “Hosh”

meri aahon mein asar hai ki nahi dekh to loon
usko kuch meri khabar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh
Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace
Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness

woh jo tha baais-e-taskeen-e-gham-e-hijr kabhi
ab hui deeda-e-tar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Baais: Basis, Bring About, Cause, Ground, Occasion, Origin, Reality, Reason
Taskeen: Alleviation, Comfort, Consolation, Contentment, Peace, Satisfaction
Hijr:Separation, Absence From One’s Country
Baais-e-Taskeen-e-Gham-e-Hijr: Cause for Alleviation of the Sorrow of Separation
Deeda: Eye, Sight
Tar: Fresh, Humid, Moist, Wet
Deeda-e-Tar: Wet Eyes

woh to aa jaayenge sar-taapaa tajallii bankar
taab-e-nazaara magar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Sar: Beginning, Chief, Desire, Head, Origin, Pinnacle, Top
Taap: Warmth, heat, burning; fever (com. tap); affliction, pain, sorrow, distress; passion
Sar-taapaa Causing pain to the head (?)
Tajallii: Scene, Bright Light, Manifestation
Taab: Agreeable, Brilliance, Courage, Endurance, Excellent, Gleam, Heat, Luminance, Luster, Patience, Power
Nazaara: Sight, View, Vista

shaam-e-gham roz-e-azal se rahi hamraah mere
mere gham ki bhi sahar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Shaam-e-Gham: Evening of sorrow
Roz: A day
Azal: Eternity, Without Beginning, Supreme
Ham-Raah: Fellow traveler
Sahar: Dawn, Morning