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Saanjh Dhale Gagan Tale

Lyrics by Vasant Dev

saa.njh Dhale gagan tale ham kitane ekaankii
chho.D chale naino ko kiraNo.n ke paakhii

Saanjh: Evening, dusk, twilight
Dhalna: Rolling; falling; moving, slipping, shifting
Tale: Below, Beneath, Under, Underfoot
Ekaanki: Secluded, sequestered, retired, lonely, solitary, secret, private; single, unaccompanied
Paakhi: Non-resident cultivator; temporary occupant of village land; tenant at will(?)

paathi kii jaalii se jhaa.Nk rahii thii.n kaliyaa.N
ga.ndh bharii gungun me.n magan huI thii.n kaliyaa.N
itane me.n Timir dasa sapneele naynon me.n
kaliyo.n ke aa.Nsuo.n kaa koI nahii.n saathii

Paathi: Leaf; leaf on which anything has been written, letter, note, epistle, document
Jaalii: Lattice
Jhaankh: Peek
Gandh: Smell, odour, scent, perfume, fragrance; bad smell, stink, stench
Gungun: Hum
Magan: Jocund, Jolly, Joyous
Timir: Darkness, obscurity; total blindness (from an affection of the optic nerve)
Dasa: State, condition, circumstances, predicament, plight; period or time of life
Sapneela: Dreamy(?)

jugnuu kaa paT o.Dhe aayegii raat abhii
nishiga.ndhaa ke sur me.n kah degii baat sabhii
kanpta hai man jaise Daalii ambvaa kii

Jugnoo: Fire-fly; glow-worm
Path: Cloth, coarse cloth or canvas; piece of cloth; fold of cloth; covering, screen, veil; a chequered cloth or board
Odhnaa: To wear
Nishi: Night
Nishigandhaa: A flower(?) that blooms in the night; some “baby names” web sites translate this as “sweet intoxication” Kaanpna: ‘Quail, Quaver, Quake, Quiver, Tremble
Daali: Branch
Ambvaa: Mango Tree