Aye Jazba-e-Dil

Lyrics by Behzad Lucknawi

ai jazbaa-e-dil gar mai.n chaahuu.N har chiiz muqaabil aa jaaye
ma.nzil ke liye do gaam chaluu.N aur saamne ma.nzil aa jaaye

Jazbaa: Affect, Desire, Emotion, Enthusiasm, Feeling, Passion, Rage
Muqaabil: Against, Converse, Confronting, In Front, Matching, Opposite
Gaam: Step

ai dil kii Khalish chal yuu.N hii sahii, chaltaa to huu.N unkii mehfil me.n
us vaqt mujhe chau.nkaa denaa jab rang pe mehfil aa jaaye

Khalish: Prick, Pain, Anxiety, Apprehension, Suspicion
Chaunkaa denaa: Knock-Up, Surprise

ai rahbar-e-kaamil chalane ko tayyaar to huu.N par yaad rahe
us vaqt mujhe bhaTkaa denaa jab saamane ma.nzil aa jaaye

Rah: Path, Road, Way
Bar: At, Bear Fruit, Land
Rahbar: Guide, The One Who Helps or Facilitate
Kaamil: Absolute, Accomplished, Complete, Learned, Whole
Bhatkaana: Bewilder

haa.N yaad mujhe tum kar lenaa aavaaz mujhe tum de lenaa
is raah-e-muhabbat me.n koii dar pesh jo mushkil aa jaaye

Dar: Crack, crevice, fissure, breach, a hole (to plant a tree, or to fix a post in); a cavity, cave; shell
Pesh: Before, In Front Of

ab kyuu.N Dhuu.NDhuu vo chashm-e-karam hone de sitam balaa-e-sitam
mai.n chaahataa huu.N ai jazbaa-e-Gam mushkil pas-e-mushkil aa jaaye

Chashm: Eye, Expectation, Hope
Karam: Benevolence, Benignity, Benedictions, Bounty, Clemency, Favor, Kindness, Largeness
Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Balaa: Calamity, Danger, Distress, Trial, Misfortune, Problems
Pas: After, Assuredly, Behind, Then, Therefore

is jazb-e-dil ke baare me.n ik mashvaraa tum se letaa huu.N
us vaqt mujhe kyaa laazim hai jab tujh pe meraa dil aa jaaye

Mashvaraa: Counsel, Advice
Laazim: Compulsory, Essential, Important, Necessary, Obligatory, Requisite

ai barq-e-tajalli kyaa tuune mujhako bhii muusaa samajhaa hai
mai.n tuur nahii.n jo jal jaauu.N jo chaahe muqaabil aa jaaye

Barq: Lightning
Tajalli: Bright Light, Manifestation
Muusaa: A rat; mouse
Tuur, Tuul: Mountain On Which Moses Had His Vision Cotton-tube; a thick roll of cotton which is drawn out in spinning


16 comments so far

  1. Sahiba on

    Is it possible to get a full english translation of this ghazal?

    And the translation for aye ishq hamein barbaad na kar barbaad na kar… also by Nayarra Noor.

    Much appreciated.


  2. AdnanK on

    In last stanza here Muussa doesnt mean mouse or rat..please correct it…here poet mentioned the name of Prophet Mussa (Mosses)… n trying to relate the qissa of Kho-e-Tor…
    Please also correct me if my understanding is wrong

    • ekfankaar on


      Thanks for the comment.

      From the context, ‘Muusaa’ must refer to a mouse. The mistake in the original post was the translation of the word ‘Tuur’. ‘Tuur’ also refers to the cotton wick of a lamp; once you read the stanza with that interpretation, ‘Muusaa’ as mouse fits better in the context.

      • Bilal A on

        Indeed the last stanza refers to Prophet Mussa(Moses), Barke-e-Tajjalli (Tajjalli means Manifestation) refering to the God manifesting Himself on Mount Tuur, which was annhilated due to the reason. Plus certain other words have been given too much of litral meaning, for instance, dar pesh here means “to befall”…
        “is raah-e-muhabbat me.n koii dar pesh jo mushkil aa jaaye” would be translated as “On this path of love if some hardship befalls”

        • Danish Qadeer on

          Tajalli is not manifestation. Allah showed him self on the mount of tur and did not manifest into that. And it was just a glimpse. Please read Quran for actual text. Surah Al aaraf.

  3. Ahmed Sayeed on

    Mussa is in reference to prophet Mussa & Tur is in reference to the the mountain on which Moussa had vision.This is the correct meaning.

  4. asma on

    I need total summarry why did he wrote it what is the background andwhy the manzil is infront but he donot want to join it

  5. Gazaljeet fan on

    ai dil kii Khalish chal yuu.N hii sahii, chaltaa to huu.N unkii mehfil me.n
    us vaqt mujhe chau.nkaa denaa jab rang pe mehfil aa jaaye….

    needs correction – it is jalna not chalna…

    ai dil kii Khalish jal yuu.N hii sahii, jaltaa to huu.N unkii mehfil me.n
    us vaqt mujhe chau.nkaa denaa jab rang pe mehfil aa jaaye

  6. Ashish on

    मंजिल के लिए दो गम तो क्या इक गम भी चल कर क्यूँ जाएं
    बस ख्वाहिश- ऐ- मंजिल दिल में उठे और मंजिल सामने आ जाए

    ए शम्मा कसम परवाने की, इतना तो मेरे खातिर करना
    उस वक़्त भरक कर गुल होना जब रंग पर मेह्फ्फिल आ जाए

    I heard these शेर when I was a kid. Are these also by Behzad Lucknawi?

  7. Anonymous on

    Aye Barke Tajali Kond zara Kiya Mujh ko b Mousa samjha hey
    Me wo toor nahi jo jal jaoo Joo chahe mukabil aa jaey.

    yeah asla stanza hey ( major raja aziz bhatti ka)

    • Danish Qadeer on

      You are correct bro!

  8. Anonymous on

    some translate “moosa” wrongly.
    moosa was the messanger of God.Please correct it.

  9. Anonymous on

    Can someone please post the full translation??

  10. Shriratan Daga on

    I refer to ” Is jazb-e-dil ke baare me.n ik mashvaraa tum se letaa huu.N
    us vaqt mujhe kyaa laazim hai jab tujh pe meraa dil aa jaaye”
    If you carefully analyse the punch (last) line; it will appear that the Lover (Shayer) is admitting a stage in the process of romance that he has not reached the point of falling in love but is seeking advise from the beloved herself as to what should be his etiquette /style in case he crosses the present stage and advances to the next of loving her. This is a position which no good shayer will come so the correct befitting sher would be
    “us vaqt mujhe kyaa laazim hai jab mujh pe teraa dil aa jaaye”
    I get support for my opinion from Ghalib’s sher
    ” Dil se teri nigaH jigar tak utar gayee
    Dono ko Iqk aada meiN Razamand kar gayee”
    The moment you look at the beloved if you are a true lover have to fall Flat instantaneously, so the question of earlier stage does not arise.
    It will otherwise seem that you need guidance & are seeking help from the beloved to proceed further so that you can continue you romantic journey. The answer of the beloved would be “DO NOT BOTHER” there are more than thousands like you who have a only a Dil (seat of emotion) but lack JIGAR (seat of “Courage/Guts”) // In fact after falling madly in Love at first sight Ghalib writes the result :YeH Na thi hamari qismat ki Visaal e Yaar hoota; Agar aur jeete rahte to yahi intazar hoota:
    This is the patience and style of a true lover.

  11. Anjaneya Das on

    There’s another couplet that Nayyara sang in one of her concerts:
    Aata hai jo toofan aane do, kashti ka khuda khud haafiz hai
    Mushkil to nahin in maujon main, behta hua saahil aa jaye….

  12. Danish Qadeer on

    Hey man… Muusaa prophet of Allah (God). Also known as Moses by Jews and Christians. Read Quran for the actual narration of the event / incident, please read Quran.

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