Khabaram Raseed Imshab Ki

Mehdi Hassan Version:

Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad version (Coke Studio):

Lyrics by Amir Khusrau

The lyrics are in Farsi.Individual words have not been translated. The lyrics and translation below are from from

Khabaram raseed imshab ki nigaar khuahi aamad
Sar-e man fidaa-e raah-e ki sawaar khuahi aamad

Tonight there came a news that you, oh beloved, would come –
Be my head sacrificed to the road along which you will come riding!

Ham-e aahwan-e sehra sar-e khud nihada bar kaf
Ba-umeed aanki rozi bashikaar khuahi aamad

All the gazelles of the desert have put their heads on their hands
In the hope that one day you will come to hunt them….

Kashishi ki ishq daarad naguzaradat badinsaa
Ba-janazah gar nayai ba-mazaar khuahi aamad

The attraction of love won’t leave you unmoved;
Should you not come to my funeral,
you’ll definitely come to my grave.

Balabam raseed jaanam fabiya ki zindah maanam
Pas azan ki man na-maanam bacha kar khuahi aaamad

My soul has come on my lips (e.g. I am on the point of expiring);
Come so that I may remain alive –
After I am no longer – for what purpose will you come?


8 comments so far

  1. thekashmirweave on


  2. Anonymous on

    who is this for? any idea who is Amir Khusro referring to?

    • Anonymous on

      Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia

  3. kwt on

    who is this for? any idea who is Amir Khusro referring to?

  4. Anonymous on

    Imam mehndi i guess



  6. Anonymous on

    He is referring to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. His murshid

  7. Anonymous on

    u can refer urs na

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