Laaii Hayaat Aaye

Lyrics by Ibrahim Zauq

laa_ii hayaat aaye qazaa le chalii chale
na apanii Khushii aaye na apanii khushii chale

Hayaat: Biography, Existence, Life, World
Qazaa: Destiny, Death, End, Fate, Jurisdiction, Judgement
Khushii: Joy, Happiness

behtar to hai yahii ke na duniyaa se dil lage
par kyaa kare.n jo kaam na bedillagii chale

Behtar: Better, Improved
Dillagii karna: To Joke, Tease
Be-Dillagii: Without fun

ho umr-e-Khizr bhii to kahe.nge ba_vaqt-e-marg
ham kyaa rahe yahaa.N abhii aaye abhii chale

Umr: Age, Life-Time, Span Of Life
Khizr: Derived from Khwaajah Khizr, the name of a prophet skilled in divination, and who is said to have discovered and drank of the fountain of life
Umr-e-Khizr: Everlasting life, Immortality
Vaqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Marg: Death
Ba_Vaqt-e-Marg: At The Time Of Death

duniyaa ne kis ka raah-e-fanaa me.n diyaa hai saath
tum bhii chale chalo yuu.N hii jab tak chalii chale

Fanaa: Destroyed, Death, Destruction, Mortality
Raah-e-Fanna: Path of destruction

naazaa.N na ho Khirad pe jo honaa hai vo hii ho
daanish terii na kuchh merii daanishvarii chale

Naazaan: Proud, Arrogant
Khirad: Intelligence
Daanish: Knowledge, Learning, Science, Wisdom
Daanishvarii: Learned; wise, sagacious

kam ho.nge is bisaat pe ham jaise bad_qimaar
jo chaal ham chale vo nihaayat burii chale

Bisaat: Bedding, Carpet, Chess Board, Extent, Capacity
Qimaar: Dice; any game of hazard
Bad-Qimaar: Wicked game of dice
Chaal: Accelerate, Activity, Bark, Custom, Gadget, Gait, Gimmickery, Guile, Strategem, Tactic, Trick, Walk
Nihaayat: Abounding, End, Excessive, Extremely, Very Much

jaa ki havaa-e-shauq me.n hai.n is chaman se ‘Zauq’
apanii balaa se baad-e-sabaa kahii.n chale

Shauq: Aspiration, Desire, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Fondness, Keenness, Interest, Taste, Yearning, Zeal
Chaman: Flower Garden, Flower Bed, A Blooming or Flourishing Place
Zauq: A reference to the poet, Ibrahim Zauq
Balaa: Calamity, Danger, Distress, Trial, Misfortune, Problems
Baad: Wind, Air, Breeze
Sabaa: Breeze, Gentle Cool Breeze, Wind

2 comments so far

  1. roger on

    First line

    Apanii Khushii na aaye…

    Great site

  2. Neeraj on

    In this Ghazal, about the last stanza, I want to make two points.
    1. the words is not Kahiin, but kabhi…..
    2. the word bala means “efforts” here. Probably poet is trying to say that, the air does not move through the garden, with efforts of the poet…the air/ breathe moves with its own desire and not that of poet.

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