Ulfat Ki Nayi Manzil

Lyrics by Qateel Shifai

ulfat kii na_ii ma.nzil ko chalaa, tuu baa.Nhe.n Daal ke baa.Nho.n me.n
dil to.Dane vaale dekh ke chal, ham bhii to pa.De hai.n raaho.n me.n

Ulfat: Affection, Love
Manzil: Abode, Day’s Journey, Destination, Goal, House, Landing, Level, Objective, Tier
Baa.nh: Arm, Hand

kyaa kyaa na jafaaye.N dil pe sahii.n, par tum se ko_ii shikvaa na kiyaa
is jurm ko bhii shaamil kar lo, mere maasuum gunaaho.n me.n

Jafaa: Oppression, Unfaithful, Injustice, Injury, Violence
Shikvaa: Complaint, Chiding
Jurm: Crime, Guilt, Offence
Shaamil: Associated, Annex, Attached, Blended, Comprising, Common, Connected, Including, Joined In, Link
Maasuum: Innocent
Gunaah: Crime, Fault, Guilt, Offence, Sin, Transgression

jahaa.N chaa.Ndanii raato.n me.n tum ne Khud hamase kiyaa iqraar-e-vafaa
phir aaj hai.n ham kyo.n begaane, terii beraham nigaaho.n me.n

Iqraar: Promise, Pledge, Confession, Declaration, Covenant
Vafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
Begaana: Alien, Foreign, Strange, Unfamiliar
Raham: Mercy, Pity, Compassion, Kindness, Tenderness
Be-Raham: Cruel, Fell, Grim, Merciless, Unkind, Uncharitable

ham bhii hai.n vahii.n, tum bhii ho vahii, ye apanii-apanii qismat hai
tum khel rahe ho Khushiyo.n se, ham Duub gaye hai.n aaho.n me.n

Qismat: Category, Fortune, Fate, Head, Lot, Luck, Portion, Share
Duubna: To Drown, To Sink
Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh


4 comments so far

  1. stars on

    hello , would really like to have the words of ulfat ki nayi translated into english ..i think it is a beautiful song can you please help

  2. Chal Akela on

    What a great ghazal. Big thank to site owner for a great website.

    Ulfat ki nayee manzil – new love , in the context of this sher

    The poet is lamenting that his love has decided to go with the new companion holding each other in front of him ignoring his feelings.

    My favorite is the second line of the following sher where he says,
    is jurm ko bhii shaamil kar lo, mere maasuum gunaaho.n me.n

  3. stars on

    Please translate to English for me.I would like to understand what is being said

    • Subodh Mathur on

      is jurm ko bhii shaamil kar lo, mere maasuum gunaaho.n me.n
      Jurm = crime
      shaamil – include
      So, the clause before the comma translates as:
      Include this crime also

      Second clause translates as:
      In the list of my innocent crimes.

      The beauty of the line is that it says “I never complained about you – please include this in the list you have made of the ‘crimes’ I have committed.”


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