Nahin Nigaah Mein Manzil

Lyrics by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

nahii.n nigaah me.n manzil to justajuu hii sahii
nahii.n visaal mayassar to aarazuu hii sahii

Manzil: Abode, Day’s Journey, Destination, Goal, House, Landing, Level, Objective, Tier
Justajuu: Desire, Inquiry, Quest, Search
Visaal: Death, Meeting, Union
Mayassar: Possible To get
Aarazuu: Aspiration, Desire, Hankering, Hunger, Longing, Solicitude, Wish, Yearning, Yen

na tan me.n Khuun faraaham na ashq aa.Nkho.n me.n
namaaz-e-shauq to vaajib hai be-wazuu hii sahii

Faraaham: Accumulated, Amassed
Ashq: Tears
Namaaz: Prayer
Shauq: Aspiration, Desire, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Fondness, Keenness, Interest, Taste, Yearning, Zeal
Vaajib: Necessary, Obligatory, Ordained
Wazuu: Sacred ablution performed before prayer, and which consists in washing, first the hands, then the mouth inside, then throwing water on the forehead, washing the whole face, the arms, and lastly the feet)
Be-Wazuu: Without washing (before prayer)

kisii tarah to jame bazm maikade vaalo
nahii.n jo baadaa-o-saaGar to haa-o-huu hii sahii

Bazm: Meeting, “Mehafil”, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party
Maikadah: Bar, Tavern
Baadaa: Booze, Wine
Saaghar: Wine Goblet, Ocean, Wine-Glass, Wine-Cup
Hav: Oblation, burnt-offering, sacrifice
Huu: He;—he is;—a name of the Deity
Hav-o-Huu: Sacrifice to the Deity, Prayer

gar intazaar kaThin hai to jab talak ai dil
kisii ke vaada-e-fardaa kii guftaguu hii sahii

Intazaar: Await, Expectation, Lurch, Waiting (Anxiously)
Kathin: Difficult
Talak: Till, Until
Vaadaa: Promise
Fardaa: Tomorrow, Yesterday
Guftaguu: Conversation Discourse, Speech, Talk

dayaar-e-Gair me.n maharam agar nahii.n ko_ii
to ‘Faiz’ zikr-e-vatan apane ruu-ba-ruu hii sahii

Dayaar: Place, Residence
Gair: Rival, Strange
Maharam: Acquaintance, Intimate
Faiz: A reference to the poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Zikr: Discussion, Remembrance, Memory, Mention, Quran Recital
Vatan: Abode, Home, Kith, Native Country, Residence
Ruu-ba-Ruu: Face To Face, In Front Of


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  1. Mirza Tarique Beg on

    What a fantastic website. You are doing a such great service for all Urdu and gazal lovers. I was looking for lyrics and meanings and found this site. Wow! it includes lyrics, meanings, and the actual song. Great place to learn new gazals. I’m also amazed at the huge collection you have of the the very best of India and Pakistan. Many, Many thanks. Please don’t take this site down.

  2. Arshi Jafri on

    in the third stanza, “hoo hi ha” doesn’t mean dieties. Faiz is simply saying that if wine and goblets are not available let’s just have fun. Hoo and ha implies merriment and fun. These are sounds of fun.

  3. Anonymous on

    This is one of the best web site i have come across. I have no knowlege of urdu but recently i have learnt a lot & enjoyed listening & understanding the meaning of the words. Please carry on the good work for humanity. Make people wise.

    Surinder Kumar Julka

  4. Anonymous on

    Great Site – very meticulously done. – THank you very very much.

  5. Anonymous on

    Aaaah!!! Faizaaaann….

  6. Rajesh Sidhartha on

    Magical, Wonderfull, amazing, lovers and lovers of poetry, sad but enchanting,brilliant yet dark, love this site.

  7. bharat r shah on

    thank you. a wonderful service..

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