Tamaam Umr Humne

tamaam-e-umr teraa intezaar humne kiya
is intezaar mein kis kis se pyaar humne kiya

Tamaam: All, Complete, End, Entire, Finish, Perfect, Total, Whole
Umr: Age, Life-Time, Span Of Life
Intezaar: Await, Expectation, Lurch, Waiting (Anxiously)

talaash-e-dost ko ik umr chaahiye ai dost
ki ek umr teraa intezaar humne kiya

Talaash: Hounding, Look For, Inquiry, Pursuit Search, Quest, Zetetic
Dost: Amity, Friend, Kith And Kin, Lover

tere khayaal mein dil shaadman raha barson
tere huzoor ise so gawaar humne kiya

Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgement, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim
Shaad: Bring Joy To, Cheerful, Delighted, Happy, Lightsome, Rejoicing, Winsome
Shaadman: Happy, Jolly
Barson: After A Long Time, For Many Years
Huzoor: Presence Of Superior Authority, Your Highness
Gawaara: Agreeable, Palatable, Pleasant, Nice
Gawaar Karna: Stomach, Put up with, Tolerate

ye tishnagii hai ke unse qareeb rahkar bhi
‘Hafeez’ yaad unhe bar bar humne kiya

Tishna: Thirst, Thirsty
Tishnagii: Desire, Longing Thirst
Qareeb: Adjacent, Akin, Approaching, Almost, Approximately, Near
Hafeez: A reference to the poet, Hafeez Hoshiarpuri


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  1. greycity on

    “tere huzoor ise so gawaar humne kiya”

    i believe this should be “sogwaar”, meaning sorrowful or in mourning, in contrast to “shaadmaan.”

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