Jab Bhi Aati Hai Teri Yaad

Lyrics by Krishan Adeeb

jab bhii aatii hai terii yaad kabhii shaam ke baad
aur ba.D jaatii hai afsurdaadilii shaam ke baad

Badna: To increase, to intensify
Afsurdaa: Depressed, Lifeless, Melancholy, Rueful
Afsurdaadilii: Disappointment Of The Heart

ab iraado.n pe bharosaa hai na taubaa pe yaqii.n
mujh ko le jaaye kahaa.N tashnaalabii shaam ke baad

Iraada: Aim, Object, Will, Desire, Intention, Would
Bharosa: Faith, Trust
Taubaa: Vow, Promise Not To Sin
Yaqiin: Assurance, Belief, Certainty, Confidence, Conviction, Credit, Faith, Truth, Trust
Tashnaalabii: Thirst

yuu.N to har lamhaa terii yaad kaa bojhal guzaraa
dil ko mahasuus hu_ii terii kamii shaam ke baad

Lamha: Jiffy, Minute, Moment, Trice
Bojhal: Heavy
Mahasuus: Felt, Perceived, Sensible
Kamii: Abatement, Lack, Loss, Meagreness, Reduction, Relaxation, Remission, Wane

yuu.N to kuchh shaam se pahale bhii udaasii thii ‘Adeeb’
ab to kuchh aur ba.Dii dil kii lagii shaam ke baad

Udaas: Ghastful, Gloomy, Hapless, Sad, Sorrowful, Unhappy
Adeeb: A reference to the poet, Krishan Adeeb
Lagii: Affection, love; desire, longing;—hunger


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  1. viney mehra on

    i think its just too good .it fulfills need to more understanding of out standing urdu poetry .


    It is a wonderful site giving the insight meaning of the lovely urdu gazhals written and sung by our famous writers and artists. I wish it should be promoted with more enthusiasm and singers like jagjit Singh and others shold mention it in their web sites, in their concerts and by all possible ways.
    My congratulations for web site organisors.I wish i could be helpful in anyway in its promotion.

  3. Suhanee on

    This was really helpful, one can understand better with the translation and meaning of the words. Thanks for putting it together.



  4. Anonymous on

    nice gajal

  5. R~ on

    Gre8 thanks

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