Khoonrez Karishma Naaz Sitam

Lyrics by Nazir Akbarabadi

khuun_rez karishmaa naaz sitam, GhamzoN kii jhukaavat vaisii hii
palkoN kii jhapak, puTlii kii phirat, surme kii GhulaavaT vaisii hii

Khuun: Blood
Rez: One who scatters
Khuun_rez: Bloody, Blood Spattered, Blood Spattering
Karishmaa: Wonder, Miracle
Naaz: Airs, Arrogant, Blandishment, Coquetry, Delicacy, Elegance, Gracefulness, Pride, Softness
Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Ghamzaa: Amorous Glance
Jhukaavat: Tilt, Bent (down), Lowered
Putlii: Jumping Jack, Machine
Phirnaa: Turn, Wheel, Whirl, Wind
Surma: Kohl
Ghulna: Mix

bedard sitamgar be-parvaah bekal chanchal chaTkiilii sii
dil saKht qayaamat patthar saa aur baateN narm rasiilii sii

Be-dard: Feelingless, Heartless, Merciless, Pitiless, Unkind, Without Feeling
Sitamgar: Oppressor, Tyrant
Parvaah: Anxiety
Be-Parvaah: Without anxiety, carefree
Bekal: Uneasy, Restless
Chanchal: Changing, Flirt, Fitful, Gay, Restless, Vivacious, Wanton
Chatkiilaa: Bright, brilliant, glittering, splendid, glowing; gaudy, showy, gay:—pungent; tasty, savoury; strong, in excess (as salt, &c. in a dish)
Sakht: Cruel, Difficult, Extreme, Firm, Laborious, Hard, Harsh, Loud, Rigid, Rigorous, Taut, Tough, Vehement
Qayaamat: Deluge, Flood, End of the world
Narm: Ladylike, Lenient, Mild, Smooth, Soft, Slow, Tender, Yielding
Rasiila: Juicy

chehre par husn kii garmii se har aan chamakte motii se
Khushrang pasiine kii buuNdeN sau baar jhamakte motii se

Aan: Moment
Khush-rang: Of a pleasant, or good, or bright colour
Pasiina: Perspiration, Sweat
Buund: Drop
Jhamak: Radiance, lustre, sparkle, glitter, splendour, refulgence


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    This applies to the whole site.
    1. If w can add stanza meaning below each stanza apart from word’s meaning.
    2. And stanza meanings if can be given in both Ishqe haqiqi and ishqe Mizazi.
    With these two additional infrmations th site will be a historical treasure for the lovers of Urdu gazal.
    And yes, since we need to learn urdu too, if the urdu script is written on the screen as in case of some gazals, it will be something like “one pe suhaga”

    With Regards

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