Kitnii Raahat Hai Dil

Lyrics by Shamim Jaipuri

kitnii raahat hai dil TuuT jaane ke baad
zindagii se mile maut aane ke baad

Raahat: Comfort, Ease, Quiet, Rest, Repose, Respite, Relief, Tranquility kyaa kahe.n
hosh hii kab rahaa sar jhukaane ke baad

Lazzat: Taste, Deliciousness, Joy, Pleasurable Experience, Relish, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Flavour
Sajda: Bow In Prayer, Touching The Forehead To The Ground, To Prostrate Oneself
Sang: Stone, Weight
Dar: About, Abode, By, Door, Entrance, Fear, Gate, In, Into, Terror, To, Within
Jukhaana: To Bow, To lower

kyaa huaa har masarrat agar chhin ga_ii
aadamii ban gayaa Gam uThaane ke baad

Masarrat: Happiness, Joy
Chhinn: To be snatched, to be seized, be wrested

raat kaa maajraa kis se puuchhe.n ‘Shamim’
kyaa banii bazm par mere aane ke baad

Maajraa: Affair, Event, Matter, Ongoing
Shamim: A reference to the poet, Shamim Jaipuri
Bazm: Meeting, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party


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  1. sanjay on

    just soothing the soul by beautifully penned line with matching rendition by maestro Mohammad Rafi

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