Har Aan Sitam Dhaaye Hain

Poet unknown. Please leave a note if you have the information

har aan sitam dhaaye hain kya jaaniye kya ho
dil gham se bhi ghabraayen hain kya jaaniye kya ho

Aan: Moment
Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Dhaana: A strong pull, tug, heave, strain; vigorous and determined effort; staying overlong
Ghabraana: Bewilder, Jittery, To Be Agitated

kya gair ko dhoonde ke tere kooche mein har ek
apna sa nazar aaye hain kya jaaniye kya ho

Gair: Rival, Stranger
Dhoondhnaa: Look For, Trace, Track
Koocha: A Narrow Street, Lane

aankhon ko nahin raas kisi yaad ka aansoo
tham-tham ke dhalak jaaye hain kya jaaniye kya ho

Raas: Acme, Agreeable, Like, Suitable
Aansoo: Tears
Thamna: To stop
Tham-Tham ke: To stop and start, in bursts
Dhalakna: Roll, Tilt

duniye se nirale hain teri bazm ke dastoor
jo aaye so pachhtaaye hain kya jaaniye kya ho

Niraala: Separate, parted, apart; retired, lonely, private; distinct; different;—strange, foreign
Bazm: Meeting, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party
Dastoor: Custom, Law, Manner, Rule, Usage
Pachhtaanaa: Regret, Repent, Suffer


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  1. sheetal on

    Need this gazal in mp3 sung by pankaj udhas ,

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