Woh Jo Ham Mein Tum Mein

Lyrics by Momin Khan Momin

वो जो हम में तुम में करार था तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो
वही यानी वादा निबाह का तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

vo jo ham me.n tum me.n qaraar thaa tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho
vahii yaanii vaadaa nibaah kaa tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

करार, Qaraar: Ease, Patience, Quietude, Repose, Residence Rest, Satisfaction, Stability
यानी, Yaanii: i.e., Namely, That Is To Say, Quasi, Viz
वादा, Vaadaa: Promise
निबाह, Nibaah: Loyalty

वो जो लुत्फ़ मुझ पे थे पेश्तर, वो करम के था मेरे हाल पर
मुझे सब है याद ज़रा ज़रा तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

vo jo lutf mujh pe the peshtar, woh karam ke thaa mere haal per
mujhe sab hai.n yaad zaraa zaraa, tumhe.n yaad no ki na yaad ho

लुत्फ़, Luft: Benignity, Enjoyment, Favor, Grace, Joy, Kindness, Pleasure, Taste, Wit
पेश्तर, Pesh-tar: Before, prior
करम, Karam: Benevolence, Benignity, Benedictions, Bounty, Clemency, Favor, Kindness, Largeness
ज़रा, Zaraa: A Few, A Little, Just, Trifle, Wee, Whit

वो नए गिले वो शिकायतें वो मज़े मज़े की हिकायतें
वो हर एक बात पे रूठना तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

vo naye gile vo shikaayate.n vo maze maze kii hikaayate.n
vo har ek baat pe ruuThanaa tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

गिला, Gilaa: Complaint, Blame, Reproach, Lamentation
शिकायत, Shikaayat: Ailment, Complaint, Accusation, Illness
हिकायत, Hikaayat: Anecdote, Story, Narrative
रूठना, Ruuthna: To be irritated, be vexed, be offended or displeased, to take offence or umbrage; to quarrel, to have a misunderstanding (with a friend), to become estranged, to be cool

कहीं बैठे सब हैं जो रू-बा-रू, तो इशारतों ही में गुफ्तगू
वो बयान शौक़ का बरमला तुम्हें याद हो की ना याद हो

kahiin baiThe sab hai.n jo ruu-ba-ruu to ishaarato.n hii mein guftaguu
vo bayaan shauq ka bar-malaa tumhe.n yaad ho ki na yaad ho

रू, Ruu: Face
रू-बा-रू, Ruu-ba-Ruu: Face To Face, In Front Of
इशारत, Ishaarat: Sign, signal; beck, nod, wink, nudge, gesticulation; pointing to, indication, trace, mark; allusion, hint, clue; insinuation, inuendo; love-glances, ogling; dumb-show
गुफ्तगू, Guftaguu: Conversation Discourse, Speech, Talk
बरमला, Bar Malaa: Open, public, conspicuous; openly, in open day, publicly, in the sight of all, manifest

हुए इत्तेफाक से गर बहम, वो वफ़ा जताने को दम-बा-दम
गिल्ला-इ-मलामत-इ-अक्र्बा तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

hue ittefaaq se gar baham, vo vafaa jataane ko dam-ba-dam
gilaa-e-malaamat-e-aqrabaa, tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

इत्तेफाक, Ittefaaq: Accordance, Accident, Agreement, Concord, Chance, Event, Opportunity
गर, Gar: If
बहम, Baham: Gather, Together, With One Another
वफ़ा, Vafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfilment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
जताना, Jataana: Admonish, Emphasise
दम, Dam: Breath, Moment
दम-बा-दम, Dam-ba-Dam: Every Moment, Continuously
मलामत, Malaamat: Animadversion, Blame, Censure, Lesson, Rebuke, Reproach
अकरब, Aqrab: Nearer; nearest; most near;—s.m. A near relative
गिला-इ-मलामत-इ-अक्र्बा, Gilaa-e-Malaamat-e-Aqrabaa: Admonitions and Rebukes to a near and dear/loved one

कोई ऎसी बात अगर हुई जो तुम्हारे जी को बुरी लगी
तो बयान से पहले ही भूलना तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

ko_ii aisii baat agar hu_ii jo tumhaare jii ko burii lagii
to bayaa.N se pahale hii bhuulanaa tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

बयान, Bayaan: Account, Declare, Description, Explanation, Manifestation, Narration, Relate, State Statement, Tale

कभी हम में तुम में भी चाह थी कभी हम से तुम से भी राह थी
कभी हम भी तुम भी थे आशना तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

kabhii ham me.n tum me.n bhii chaah thii, kabhii ham se tum se bhii raah thii
kabhii ham bhii tum bhii the aashnaa, tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

चाह, Chaah: Affection, Appetite, Choice, Desire, Liking, Longing, Love, Need
राह, Raah: Custom, Fashion, Journey, Means of Access, Method, Passage, Path, Progress, Road, Track, Way
आशना, Aashnaa: Acquaintance, Friend, Lover

सुनो ज़िक्र है कई साल का के किया एक आप ने वादा था
सो निबाहने का तो ज़िक्र क्या तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

suno zikr hai ka_ii saal kaa, ke kia ek aap ne wada thaa
so nibaahane ka to zikr kyaa, tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

ज़िक्र, Zikr: Discussion, Remembrance, Memory, Mention
कई, Kaii: Several
साल, Saal: Years
वादा, Wada: Agreement, Pledge, Promise, Plight

कहा मैंने वोह बात कोठी की मेरे दिल से साफ़ उतर गई
तो कहा के जान-इ-मेरी बला तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

kahaa mein ne woh baat kothi ki, mere dil se saaf utar gayi
toh kaha ke jaane meri balaa, tumhe.n yaad ho ki na yaad ho

कोठी, Kothi: Mansion, Dwelling, Residence
बला, Balaa: Calamity, Danger, Distress, Trial, Misfortune, Problems

वो बिगड़ना वस्ल की राल का वो ना मानना किस्सी बात का
वो नहीं नही की हर आन अदा तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

vo biga.Dnaa vasl kii raat kaa, vo na maananaa kisii baat kaa
vo nahiii.n nahii.n kii har aan adaa, tumhe.n yaad ho ki na yaad ho

बिगड़ना, BigaDnaa: Bungled, Corrupt, To Become Angry, Ruined, Spoil, Tarnish, Vilify, Vitiate
वस्ल, Vasl: Meeting, Union
मानना, Maananaa: Agree
आन, Aan: Moment
अदा, Adaa: Beauty, Charm, Elegance, Fascination, Grace, Payment Of Debt Performance, Pose, Settlement, Style

जिसे आप गिनते थे आशना जिसे आप कहते थे बावफा
मैं वही हूँ मोमिन-इ-मुब्तला तुम्हें याद हो के ना याद हो

jise aap ginte the aashnaa jise aap kahate the baavafaa
mai.n vahii huu.N “Momin”-e-mubtalaa tumhe.n yaad ho ke na yaad ho

गिनना, Ginna: Enumerate, Count
बा-वफ़ा, Baa-vafaa: Faithfulness, Fidelity
मोमिन, Momin: A reference to the poet, Momin Khan Momin
मुब्तला, Mubtalaa: Embroiled In


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      As a kid I just could not bear the often off note singing and the tone but I cannot help but compare. And every time Begum Akhtar comes out ahead. May be it brings back happy childhood moemories, memories of mom and dad in their youth… may be thats what I need to re-visit every few months.

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    I don’t have the videos but got the great CDs that were recently released. Big THANK YOU for revival of the oldies to the music industry.

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    Sir, this is a fantastic translation and you have explained the words amazingly. All of them are accurate and reliable. I can’t thank you enough for all these wonderful articles and explanations. They have increased my knowledge of Urdu to a great extent. Thank you so much! Can you please translate ‘Ek Baar Muskura Do’ by Munni Begum as well? That would be great.

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    Thank you so much. One of my fave ghazals. Was looking for a good translation.

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