Kuch To Duniya Ki Inaayaat Ne

Lyrics by Sudarshan Faakir

kuchh to duniyaa ki inaayaat ne dil to.D diyaa
aur kuchh talKhii-e-haalaat ne dil to.D diyaa

Inaayaat: Blessing, Favour, Kindness, Acceptance Of Love, Reciprocation Of Love
Dil ToDna: To break the heart
Talkhii: Acidity, Bitterness, Pungency
Haalaat: Condition, Circumstance, Liking, State

ham to samajhe the ke barsaat me.n barasegii sharaab
aayii barsaat to barsaat ne dil to.D diyaa

Barsaat: Rain, Rainy Season
Sharaab: Alcohol, Wine, Liquor

dil to rotaa rahe, aur aa.Nkh se aa.Nsuu na bahe
ishq kii aisii rawaayaat ne dil to.D diyaa

Bahana: Flow, Pour
Aansuu: Tears
Rawaayaat: Accustomed, Legend, Ordinary, Tradition

wo mere hai.n, mujhe mil jaaye.nge, aa jaaye.nge
aise bekaar Khayaalaat ne dil to.D diyaa

Bekaar: Friendless, Futile, Good-For-Nothing, Idle, Ineffective, Invalid, In Vain, Junky, Kaput, Meaningless
Khayaalaat: Ideas, Thoughts

aap ko pyaar hai mujh se ke nahii.n hai mujh se
jaane kyo.n aise sawaalaat ne dil to.D diyaa

Sawaalaat: Demands, Questions, Queries


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  1. Anonymous on

    Awesome 🙂

    second line of each “stanza” brings that smile on my face..!

  2. aYU on


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