Mere Ham-nafas Mere Ham-navaa

Lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni

mere ham-nafas, mere ham-navaa, mujhe dost banake daGaa na de
mai.n huu.N dard-e-ishq se jaa.N_valab jaa.N_va-lab, mujhe zindagii kii duaa na de

Nafas: Breath
Navaa: Sound, Voice
Ham-nafas, Ham-navaa: Friend
DaGhaa: Deceit, Treachery, Delusion
Jaan-valab: Dead
Va-Lab: At the brink of, at the lips of
Jaan-va-Lab: At the brink of death
Duaa: Blessing, Prayer, Wish

mere daaG-e-dil se hai raushnii, usii raushnii se hai zindagii
mujhe Dar hai aye mere chaaraagar, ye charaaG tuu hii bujhaa na de

DaaGh: Blemish, Calamity, Grief, Loss, Scar, Stain, Taint
Raushnii: Light, Brightness, Illumination
Chaaraagar: Doctor, physician
Charaagh: Lamp
Bhujaanaa: To extinguish, to put out

mujhe chho.D de mere haal par, teraa kyaa bharosaa hai chaaraagar
ye terii nawaazish-e-muKhtasar, meraa dard aur ba.Daa na de

Nawaazish: Kindness, Favor, Felicitation, Praise, Patronage
Mukhtasar: Abridged, Abbreviated, Brief, Concise, Epitomise, Laconic, Short, Small

meraa azm itanaa bala.nd hai ke paraaye sholo.n kaa Dar nahii.n
mujhe Khauf aatish-e-gul se hai, ye kahii.n chaman ko jalaa na de

Azm: Conviction, Decision, Fortitude, Intention, Resolve
Baland: Lofty, High, Strong
Khauf: Awe, Fear, Jeopardy, Jitters, Threat
Aatish: Fire, Flame, Ember
Gul: Flower, Rose
Chaman: Flower Garden, Flower Bed, A Blooming or Flourishing Place

wo uThe hai.n leke hom-o-subuu Khum-o-subuu, arey o ‘Shakeel’ kahaa.N hai tuu
teraa jaam lene ko bazm me.n koii aur haath ba.Daa na de

Hom: An oblation with clarified butter, a burnt-offering, a sacrifice; the casting clarified butter, &c. into fire as an offering to the gods, accompanied with invocations and prayers according to the objects of sacrifice
Khum: A large vessel or jar; an alembic, a still
Subuu: Ewer, jar, pitcher, pot, cup, glass
“Shakeel”: A reference to the poet, Shakeel Badayuni
Bazm: Meeting, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party


16 comments so far

  1. Anonymous on

    Nafas is not Breath. It means Soul or spirit. Also Jaan-Valab is not Dead it can mean almost dead (Jaan = Life, Va-Lab = on the lips)

    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks Anonymous — I have corrected “jaan-va-lab”. The literal meaning of ‘Nafas’ shows up as breath in both the Urdu-English Dictionary sources I refer to. The interpretation in this context may mean soul or spirit as you say…

      Ek Fankaar

      • satwant Kalkat on

        Nafas means breath, which ultimately means life. Hum nafas means the person having closeness of breath. Another meaning of hum nafas is humdum.

  2. ssnadig on

    nafs has various meanings, breath, soul, fleeting moment,reality depending on the contest. here soul is appropriate

  3. […] and immortalised by this superb rendering by Begum Akhtar. The lyrics and the meaning can be found here. As someone fond of Urdu, this work is dear to […]

  4. harveypam on

    Came here through Karthik’s blog chitrapatsangeet. It is a wonderful blog here. I am glad that I discovered it.
    It was a nice way to start the new year with this heady ghazal. thanks to your translation it entered the heart as well.

  5. Bhavana on

    Thank you for the meanings, always loved urdu but every time i asked Dad to teach it was told, Nahi khel ae Daag ye yaaron se keh do, ki aati hai urdu zabaan aate aate. wish he was alive to see this resource.

  6. P.R.Koduri on

    Thank you so much for the translation. It is a Joy to really get to the soul of the Ghazal.

  7. Vijay saini on

    Wo uthe hain leke hom o subu , the word is actually Khum o subu and not Hom.Khum means a long necked vessel containing wine and subo is smaller cup through which wine is drunk,

    • ekfankaar on

      Thanks! I’ve made the correction.

  8. yogend sahu on

    i love this Poetry & i want to know Urdu Language becz this is very Beautiful language

  9. Zaman on

    This is Sobo:

    And this one is khum

  10. Anonymous on

    It’s jaaN ba-lab meaning life teetering on the lips. Almost on the last breath.

  11. Anonymous on

    Extremely emotional gazal which will take to a different world if you go into the depth of beutiful lyrics

  12. Jyotsna on

    Soul-stirring poetry.

  13. Shahzad Gull on

    Good job,

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