Phool Hi Phool Khil Uthe

Lyrics by Saleem Gilani

phool hi phool khil uThe mere paimaane mein
aap kyaa aaye bahaar aa gai may-Khaane mein

Paimaana: Wine Goblet
Bahaar: Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight, Elegance, Enjoyment, Fine Landscape, Flourishing State, Prime, Spring
Maikhaana: Drinking Bar, Tavern

aap kuchh yooN mere aainaa-e-dil mein aaye
jis tarah chaaNd utar aayaa ho paimaane mein

Aainaa: Mirror, Looking Glass
Utarna: Befall, Get Off, Get Down, Lessen

aap ke naam se taabindaa hai unwaan-e-hayaat
varnaa kuchh baat nahin thi mere afasaane mein

Taabindaa: Bright, Illuminated
Unwaan: Form, Headline, Label, Legend, Preface, Start Of Chapter, Title
Hayaat: Biography, Existence, Life, World
Afsaana: Fiction, Legend, Romance, Tale, Story


3 comments so far

  1. Rafay Kashmiri on

    @ purani Radio Pakistan Karachi ki bohat umdagi se
    record ki gaie Ghazal, heard already in mid 60s
    sitar, surmandal, saranghi and halka sa background
    orchestra,(malhaar ang he! kafi thaat mein, I think).

  2. Waqif kar on

    As far as I know and remember the “Ghazal”was composed (written) by Hamid Madani Saheb and not Saleem Gilani Saheb!

  3. Sundoo on

    A good way of making me , a Non Hindi man is giving the meaning along side.
    Heard this one from this famous singer but knew the meaning of certain urdu words.

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