Gulshan Gulshan Shola-E-Gul Ki

Lyrics by Asghar Saleem

gulashan gulashan sholaa-e-gul kii zulf-e-sabaa kii baat chalii
harf-e-junuu.N kii band-e-giraa.N kii jurm-o-sazaa kii baat chalii

Gulshan: Garden
Shola: Blaze, Light
Gul: Rose, Flower, Ornament, Brand
Zulf: Curl, Hair, Locks, Ringlet, Tress
Sabaa: Breeze, Gentle Cool Breeze, Wind
Harf: Syllable, Letter, Alphabet, A Letter Of The Alphabet, Talk
Junuun: Craze, Ecstasy, Frenzy, Insanity, Lunacy, Mania, Madness, Passion, Zealotry
Harf-e-Junuun: Words of Passion
Band: Bond, Closed, Copula, Embankment, Hoop, Shut, Verse
Giraan: Burdensome, Costly, Dear, Heavy, Important, Precious, Tedious, Tiresome, Weighty
Band-e-Giraan: Burdensome Bonds
Jurm: Crime, Guilt, Offence
Sazaa: Correction, Punishment, Requital
Jurm-o-Sazaa: Crime and Punishment

zi.ndaa.N zi.ndaa.N shor-e-junuu.N hai mausam-e-gul ke aane se
mahafil mahafil ab ke baras har baaG-e-wafaa kii baat chalii

ZindaaN: Cage, Prison, Jail
Shor: Ardor, Brackish, Clamor, Loudness, Noise, Outcry, Tumult, Turmoil
Mausam: Season, Time, Weather
Mahfil: Congregation, Assembly
Baras: Year
Ab Ke Baras: So far this year
Baag: Garden, Orchard, Grove
Wafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency

ahd-e-sitam hai dekhe.n ham aashuftaa-saro.n par kyaa guzare
shahar me.n uske band-e-qabaa kii kii baat chalii

Ahd: Promise
Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Aashuftaa: Of Distressed Mind, Careworn, Confused, Distracted, Perplexed
Aashuftaa-Sar: Mentally Deranged
Shahar: Town, City
Qabaa: Gown, Long Coat Like Garment
Band-e-Qabaa: Fasteners of the Gown(?)
Hinaa: The plant Lawsonia inermis, Egyptian privet or Indian myrtle, henna (used for dyeing the hands and feet and hair)

ek hu_aa diiwaanaa ek ne sar teshe se pho.D liyaa
kaise kaise log the jinase rasm-e-wafaa kii baat chalii

Tesha: Ax, Axe
Phod: Split, Break
Rasm: Custom, Established Usage, Law, Marking, Model, Rule, Tradition, Writing


4 comments so far

  1. SK on

    Thanks very much for this. A true gem by Khan Sahib. Wonderful poetry by Asghar Saleem.

  2. S on

    It is not har baaGh-e-wafaa but arbaab-e-wafaa. har baaGh makes no sense. Ex arbaab-e-suKhan=poets; arbaab-e-adaalat=adaalat ke o’hdedaar; arbaab-e-qalam=likhne, paRhnewaale;
    In the other shayr the poet refers to MajnuN (diwaana) and Farhaad (sar teeshay se phoD liya). Read the second line against this backdrop.

  3. S on

    By way band-e-giraaN is imprisonment. In Farsi/Urdu poetry the season is spring is associated with a time when the true lover’s love drives him to madness and then to imprisonment. Anyone familiar with the tradition of the Ghazal would know this.

  4. Jitendra Desai on

    This is good explanation/meanings of the words deployed by the poet. If some one can help explain the entire Gazal.Is poet describing the arrival of a young beauty in a small town of yore? and the “problems” she has caused?!

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