Ye Aarzoo Thi Thujhe Gul Ke

Lyrics by Haidar Ali Aatish

ye aarzuu thii tujhe gul ke ruu-ba-ruu karate
ham aur bul_bul-e-betaab guftaguu karate

Aarzuu: Aspiration, Desire, Hankering, Hunger, Longing, Solicitude, Wish, Yearning, Yen
Gul: Rose, Flower, Ornament, Brand
Ruu-ba-Ruu: Face To Face, In Front Of
Bul-Bul: Nightingale
Betaab: Anxious, Restless, Powerless, Impatient
Guftaguu: Conversation Discourse, Speech, Talk

payaam bar na mayassar huaa to Khuub huaa
zabaan-e-Gair se kyaa shar kii aarazuu karate

Payaam: Message
Bar: At, Bear Fruit, Land
Mayassar: Possible To Get, Available
Khoob: Amiable, Beautiful, Excellent, Good, Really, Thoroughly, Well
Zabaan: Dialect, Flame (Of A Candle), Language, Tongue, Speech
Gair: Rival, Stranger
Shar: Mischief

merii tarah se maah-o-mehar bhii hai.n aavaaraa
kisii habiib ko ye bhii hai.n justajuu karate

Maah: Moon, Month
Mehar: Kindness, Sun
Aawaaraa: Destitute, Without Home, Stroller, Wayward, Wacky, Wanderer, Vagabond, Vagrant
Habiib: Beloved, Sweetheart, Comrade, Friend
Justajuu: Desire, Inquiry, Quest, Search

jo dekhate terii za.njiir-e-zulf kaa aalam
asiir hone ke aazaad aarazuu karate

Zanjiir: Chain
Zulf: Curl, Hair, Locks, Ringlet, Tress
Aalam: Beauty, Condition, Nature, Public, Period, Regions, Situation, State, Sorrow, Universe, World
Asiir: Captive, Imprisoned, Prisoner

na puuchh aalam-e-baragashtaa taali-e-“Aatish”
barasatii aag me.n jo baaraa.N kii aarazuu karate

Baraghashtaa: Turn Around, Against
Aatish: Fire, Flame, Ember — also a reference to the poet, Haidar Ali Aatish
Taali-e-Aatish: Burning Fate
Barasna: To Cause to Rain, To Shower Down, To Pour Down, To Scatter, To Winnow the Grain
BaaraaN: Rain, Storm


9 comments so far

  1. ismael sheikh on

    Wonderful work !

  2. Shayari Lover on

    Thank you so much!!! I can’t appreciate enough!

  3. Anonymous on

    For the 2nd Sher, it Shar-ih with a zeer under Hah.
    شرح = Treatise, Details of the intent of something

  4. John on

    Can someone elaborate more on the 2nd sher? It is very hard to understand the thought of Poet? I sincerely appreciate it.

    • Javed Iqbal on

      1. It was better could not get a messenger. 2. Someone else may not communicate my love message.

  5. Anonymous on

    it was better not to have got the messenger !
    A stranger would not have communicated the love message !

  6. S@di shaikh sadi on


  7. J.c malhotra on

    Cld someone explain last sher ie bargashta e tali..ln detail pl tks

  8. Yogend keQtii on

    Bahot khubsurat__but ___last line kuch thik se samajh nhi aaya____so nyc_____

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