Aye Husn-e-Beparwah

Poet unknown. Please add a comment with the details if you know the poet.

aye husn-e-beparwah tujhe shabnam kahoon shola kahoon
phoolon mein bhi shokhi to hai kisko magar tujhsa kahoon

Husn: Attractiveness, Beauty, Elegance, Loveliness
Parwah: Care
Be-Parwah: One Who Does Not Care
Shabnam: Dew
Shola: Blaze, Light
Shokhi: Coquetry, Mischief, Restlessness

gesu udhe, mehki fazaa, jaadoo kare aankhen teri
soya hua manzar kahoon ya jaagta sapna kahoon

Gesu: Hair , Locks, Tresses
Mehek: Fragrance
Fazaa: Atmosphere, Environment
Jaadoo: Charm, Conjuring, Effect Of Evil Spirits, Enchantment, Magic, Witchcraft
Manzar: Aspect, Countenance, Landscape, Outlook, Sight, Scene View, Visage

chanda ki tu hai chandni, lehron ki tu hai raagni
jaan-e-tamanna mein tujhe kya kya kahoon kya na kahoon

Lehar: Ecstasy, Emotion, Excitement, Rapture, Waft, Wave
Raagni: Tune
Jaan: Beloved, Life, Mind, Sweetheart, Soul, Vigor, Zing
Tamanna: Wish, Desire, Inclination, Request, Hope, Longing, Prayer, Supplication, Petition, Yearning
Jaan-e-Tamanna: Hearts Desire


10 comments so far

  1. girish sardessai on

    this ghazal is I think by Bashir Badr sahib

  2. ashutosh on

    a nice ghazal

  3. ashutosh on

    Nice ghazal

  4. Sudhir Kale on

    What a meaningful ghazal….my all-time favourite!
    सोया हुआ मंझर कहूँ, या जागता सपना कहूँ! WOW!!

  5. Jalaj on

    Surely one of the best Ghazals I have heard
    Also Main Hawa Hoon Kahaan Watan Mera is brilliant.
    And this one is by Ghulam Ali Khan

  6. Anonymous on

    What raag is this sung in?

  7. Anonymous on


  8. PN Tandon on

    poet of ghazal wo jo hamme tumme karar tha is momin khan momin, see the last couplet –matla–ist misra– main wahi hun momin-e-mubtila

  9. Vijay Ahluwalia on

    I think poet is Bashir Manzar

  10. Prafull Chandra Singh on

    इस नज्म को बशीर बद्र साहब ने उस लिखा है

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