Jab Pukaara Hai Tujhe

Lyrics by Mohsin Ehsan

jab pukaara hai tujhe apani sada aayi hai
dil ki diwaar se lipati huyi tanhaayi hai

Sadaa: Always, Call, Conversation, Echo, Ever, Sound, Tone, Voice
Diiwaar: Wall
Lipatna: Embrace, Entangle, Wrap
Tanhaayii: Loneliness, Solitude

hai koyi jauhari ashqon ke naginon ka yahaan
aankh baazaar mein ik jins-e-giraan laayi hai

Jauhar: Atom, Essence, Jewel, Knowledge, Quintessence Skill
Ashq: Tears
Nagiin: A precious stone;—a precious stone set in a ring;—a ring, (esp.) a signet-ring;
Baazaar: Shoping place, Place of trade
Jins: Article, Things, Species, Kind, Items
Giraan: Burdensome, Costly, Dear, Heavy, Important, Precious, Tedious, Tiresome, Weighty

dil ki basti mein tum aaye ho kya paaoge
ab yahaan koyi tamaasha na tamaashaayi hai

Basti: Village
Tamaashaa: Amusement, Entertainment, Exhibition, Fun, Play, Pleasure, Show, Sigh, Sport, Spectacle
Tamaashaaii: Audience, Bystander, Onlooker, People who just watch and do not help or care for what’s happening

dil bhi aabaad hai ik shahar-e-khamoshaan ki tarah
har taraf log magar aalam-e-tanhaayi hai

Aabaad: Bustling With Life, Flourishing, Populated, Inhabited, Peopled, Prosperous, Happy, Settle
Shahar: City
Khamoshaan: The silent ones, the dead
Aalam: Beauty, Condition, Nature, Public, Period, Regions, Situation, State, Sorrow, Universe, World

jis ki aankhon se barasati hain lahuu ki buundein
ye wohi mohsin-e-aashuftaa-o-saudaayi hai

Barasna: To Cause to Rain, To Shower Down, To Pour Down, To Scatter, To Winnow the Grain
Lahuu: Blood
Boond: Drop
Mohsin: A reference to the poet Mohsin Ehsan
Aashuftaa: Of Distressed Mind
Saudaayii: Crazy, One Who Loves Deeply, Insane, In A Frenzy


3 comments so far

  1. girish sardessai on

    could jauhari be a jeweller or a goldsmith in this context ? you are doing a super job it helps people like me enhance my knowledge of urdu


  2. usmi on

    hmm very nice

  3. Sanjeev on

    yes, i agree the reference is to jeweller.

    is there a jeweller around here, who makes jewellery from tears
    for my eyes have brought burdensome items to the market.

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