Meri Aahon Mein Asar Hai

Poet unknown — Please leave a comment with details if you know who wrote this ghazal
Lyrics by Abdul Hameed “Hosh”

meri aahon mein asar hai ki nahi dekh to loon
usko kuch meri khabar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh
Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace
Khabar: Account, Awareness, Information, Knowledge, News, Notice, Report, Rumor, Watchfulness

woh jo tha baais-e-taskeen-e-gham-e-hijr kabhi
ab hui deeda-e-tar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Baais: Basis, Bring About, Cause, Ground, Occasion, Origin, Reality, Reason
Taskeen: Alleviation, Comfort, Consolation, Contentment, Peace, Satisfaction
Hijr:Separation, Absence From One’s Country
Baais-e-Taskeen-e-Gham-e-Hijr: Cause for Alleviation of the Sorrow of Separation
Deeda: Eye, Sight
Tar: Fresh, Humid, Moist, Wet
Deeda-e-Tar: Wet Eyes

woh to aa jaayenge sar-taapaa tajallii bankar
taab-e-nazaara magar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Sar: Beginning, Chief, Desire, Head, Origin, Pinnacle, Top
Taap: Warmth, heat, burning; fever (com. tap); affliction, pain, sorrow, distress; passion
Sar-taapaa Causing pain to the head (?)
Tajallii: Scene, Bright Light, Manifestation
Taab: Agreeable, Brilliance, Courage, Endurance, Excellent, Gleam, Heat, Luminance, Luster, Patience, Power
Nazaara: Sight, View, Vista

shaam-e-gham roz-e-azal se rahi hamraah mere
mere gham ki bhi sahar hai ki nahi dekh to loon

Shaam-e-Gham: Evening of sorrow
Roz: A day
Azal: Eternity, Without Beginning, Supreme
Ham-Raah: Fellow traveler
Sahar: Dawn, Morning


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  1. Samira Abdulhameed on

    The poet was my late father, Mr. Abdul Hameed “Hosh,” who lived in Kuwait since the late 1950s and died on 26th March 1991.

    The second misra of the sher actually was:

    Meri aahon mein asar hai ke nahin dekh to loon
    Rafat-e-dard-e-jigar hai ke nahin dekh to loon…

    The ghazal was sung by Mehdi Hasan saheb when he came to Kuwait in the early ’70s. We have the original in one of the old Akai spool recordings when he sang in the ghazal party held by a Kuwaiti patron of arts, the late Khalid Abdul Razzaq, who was educated in Aligarh. Mehdi saheb changed the second misra to fit it in the tune he composed for the ghazal. You can refer to my late father’s diwan “Sagher-e-hosh” published in Lahore posthumously.

    • Ravi Saraf on

      Indeed a beautiful Ghazal!! God bless his soul!

    • Muhammad Hamza on

      Thank you for this important information. I did now the poet, but it is my favorite Ghazal. Are only these 4 shairs are in the ghazal or more. If there are more shair in this ghazal then please write them here. It is beautiful ghazal and Mehdi Hassan sahab sung beautifully. Thanks.

      • Samira Abdulhameed on

        Salaams. Thank you for your kind words. There are more than 4 ash’aar in this poem. I can send a photo of the poem from his diwan. Anyway, the “maqta” of this shair is:

        “Hosh” ruk jaaye hai palkon pe jo aa kar aaNsoo
        Rashk-e-sadd lal-o-gohar hai ke nahin dekh toh loon

    • Shahid Qazi on

      Allah aap ke walid Sahib ko Allah ghareeke rehmat krae aur jannat ul Firdouse ata farmaye Aameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen.

      This is one of the finest ghazals ever sung by late Mehdi Hassan . I have heard it with the original 2nd verse in a recording that I have. The devine lyrics, the music & the melodious voice of Mehdi Sahib has given immortality to this ghazal . Allah Mehdi Sahib ko be ghareeke rehmat krae aur jannat ul Firdouse ata farmaye Aameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen.
      Take care of yourself,
      Wassalaam and best regards
      Shahid Qazi

  2. Rajoo on

    Thanks for this important comment. You know, I looked in you tube for this ghazal and none of the comments include poets name. No doubt M.Hassan’s voice was a gift of God but in my view its the sentiments and imagination of a poet which lay a velvet carpet for a singer to walk over. Seldom a poet gets any mention unless Takhallus is there. I am thankful to you for providing this information. Your father’s work, I wish to read but I cant read or write Urdu. Pity.
    Rajoo Farmahan UK

  3. Anonymous on

    Thank you everyone for your very kind comments. He was indeed a very good poet, who blossomed under the peerage of the late and great “Jigar” Muradabadi. 🙂

  4. Samira Abdulhameed on

    Thank you everyone for your very kind comments. He was indeed a very good poet, who blossomed under the peerage of the late and great “Jigar” Muradabadi. 🙂

    • shaikh qadir on

      Muhtarma Samira abdulhameed sahiba,assalalm o alikum,
      I am a great fan of Khan Sahib Mehdi Hassan and I have a mission to save The Great Khan Sahib’s work for the future.I have uploaded number of Khan Sahib’s rare ghazals on my you tube channel which I got from different sources(please check my channel by typing “qadrathejutt” in google search.
      Is there any possibility that I can get that khan sahib’s ghazal mehfil which you got on your spool.If you please provide me those ghazals it will be a huge favour not only to me but also to all other khan sahib’s lovers and fans all around the globe.
      If you ever read this reply please do contact me.My email address is
      Last word this ghazal although was penned by your father but I used to think that it was written by “ustad Qamar Jalalvi”.
      Anyway great ghazal written by your father who unfortunately didn’t get the recognization he deserved.
      I have uploaded a very rare version of this ghazal on my youtube channel which was taken from a khan sahib Mehdi Hassan’s private mehfil held in U.S.A in the 1984.
      please check.

  5. Mushtaq Jan on

    My mamu Mohammad Afzal was a great friend of Abdul Hameed Sahib and had a privilege of listening to him once in his company. We grew up listening to his other great ghazal — وہ باتیں تیری وہ فسانے تیرے … that had an element of nature, complaint to Almighty and scientific knowledge. A great masterpiece.

  6. SIRMOOD on


  7. fan on

    what does baais-e-taskeen-e-gham-e-hijr mean?

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