Ahal-e-Ulfat Ke

Lyrics by Sudarshan Faakir

ahal-e-ulfat ke havaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai
lailaa majanuu.N ke misaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai

Ahal: Inhabitant, People, Residents, Members, One Who Is
Ulfat: Affection, Love
Havaala: Allusion, Charge, Custody, Care, Mention, Quotation, Reference
Havaalon: Custodians
Misaal: Analogy, Example Likeness, Metaphor, Simile

jab bhii takmiil-e-mohabbat kaa Khayaal aataa hai
mujhako apane Khayaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai

Takmiil: Perfecting; finishing, completing; perfection, excellence; completion; accomplishment
Takmiil karna: To finish, complete, bring to a conclusion or termination, to execute; to give authority (to), to authenticate
Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgement, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim

log apane liye auro.n me.n wafaa Dhuu.NDhate hai.n
un vafaa Dhuu.NDhanewaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai

Wafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
Dhoondhnaa: Search For, Look For, Trace, Track

dekhanevaalo.n tabassum ko karam mat samajho
u.nhe.n to dekhanevaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai

Tabassum: Smile
Karam: Benevolence, Benignity, Benedictions, Bounty, Clemency, Favor, Kindness, Largeness
Hansii: Jest, Joke, Laughter, Mirth, Ridicule

chaa.Ndanii raat mohabbat me.n hasiin thii ‘Faakir’
ab to biimaar ujaalo.n pe ha.Nsii aatii hai

Haseen: Beautiful, Elegant, Charming, Handsome
Faakir: A referrence to the poet, Sudarshan Faakir
Biimaar: Ailing, Ill, Invalid, Languid, Patient, Queer, Sick, Unwell
Ujaala: Bright, Clean, Clear, Glory, Light, Luminous, Pure, Radiant, Sunshine, White


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