Raushan Jamaal-e-Yaar Se Hai

Lyrics by Hasrat Mohani

raushan jamaal-e-yaar se hai anjuman tamaam
dahakaa huaa hai aatish-e-gul se chaman tamaam

Raushan: Light, Illuminated, Bright, Clear, Splendid
Jamaal: Beauty, Elegance, Loveliness
Yaar: Beloved Fellow, Friend, Lover, Companion
Anjuman: Assembly Association, Company,Consortium, Council, Gathering, Group, Meeting, Organisation, Party
Tamaam: All, Complete, End, Entire, Finish, Perfect, Total, Whole
Dahak: Burning, blazing, conflagration; glow; ardour, fervency, fervour
Aatish: Fire, Flame, Ember
Gul: Rose, Flower, Ornament, Brand
Chaman: Flower Garden, Flower Bed, A Blooming or Flourishing Place

hairat Guruur-e-husn se shoKhii se iztaraab
dil ne bhii tere siikh liye hai.n chalan tamaam

Hairat: Surprise, Amazement, Wonder
Guruur: Pride
ShoKhii: Coquetry, Mischief, Restlessness
Iztaraab: Anxiety, Chargin, Commotion, Disturbance, Distraction, Perturbation, Restlessness, Vexation
Chalan: Habit, Style

allaah re jism-e-yaar kii Khuubii ke Khud-ba-Khud
ra.ngiiniyo.n me.n Duub gayaa pairaahan tamaam

Jism: Body
Khuubii: Beauty, Goodness
Khud-ba-Khud: All By Oneself Automatically
Pairaahan: Dress, Shirt, Robe, Cloth

dekho to chashm-e-yaar kii jaaduu nigaahiyaa.N
behosh ik nazar me.n hu_ii anjuman tamaam

Chashm: Eyes
Jaaduu: Charm, Conjuring, Effect Of Evil Spirits, Enchantment, Magic, Witchcraft
Nigaahiyaan: Glances
Be-Hosh: Unconscious

sheereen yeh naseem hai soz-o-gudaaz-e-Miir
hasrat tere sukhan pe hai lutf-e-sukhan tamaam

Sheereen: Sweet
Naseeem: Gentle Breeze, Zephyr
Soz: Burning, Heat, Passion, Vexation
Gudaaz: Well-Mixed
Miir: A reference to the poet Miir-Taqi-Meer (?)
Hasrat: Desire, Intense Sorrow, Longing, Regret, Wish, Yearning
Sukhan: Affair, Business, Eloquence, Speech, Words
Lutf: Benignity, Enjoyment, Favor, Grace, Joy, Kindness, Pleasure, Taste, Wit


4 comments so far

  1. loyalcasanova on

    soz-gudāz: The reciting of an elegy; chanting a dirge.

    Wonderful work.
    Saved me lots of time as i found lots of ghazals here so i didn’t have to put it on my blog.

    Keep it up.

  2. ashish on

    what does “aatish-e-gul” mean. Direct translation to english did not help much.

  3. Anonymous on

    sheereen yeh naseem hai soz-o-gudaaz-e-Miir
    hasrat tere sukhan pe hai lutf-e-sukhan tamaam


    • Anonymous on

      There is the sweetness of the morning breeze and the pain of a dirge of Mir
      Hasrat, your expression reaches the ultimate heights of expression.

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