Dekhna Unka Kanakhiyon Se

Lyrics by Farhat Shehzad

dekhna unka kanakhiyon se idhar dekha kiyen
apni aahein kam asar ka ham asar dekha kiyen

Kan: Appreciating, appraising, appraisement, valuing, estimating, valuation
Kanakhiya: A side-glance; a sly look; a sign with the eye, a wink; a leer, ogle
Aah: Sigh
Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace

jo ba-zaahir hamse sadiyon ki musaafat par rahein
ham unhein har gaam apna hamsafar dekha kiyen

Ba: With, by, for, from, in, into, to, up to, on, upon
Zaahir: Apparent, Clear, Conspicuous, Emerge, Explain, Evident, Glaring, Jackanapes, Manifest, Obvious, Open
Ba-zaahir: With Clarity
Sadiyon: Hundreds of years
Musaafat: Journey
Gaam: Step
Ham-Safar: Companion, Fellow-Traveller

lamha-lamha waqt ka sailaab chadhta hi gaya
rafta-rafta doobta hum apna ghar dekha kiyen

Lamha: Jiffy, Minute, Moment, Trice
Waqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Sailaab: Flood, Deluge, Torrent
Chadhna: To rise, to climb, to increase
Rafta: Slowly
Doobna: To drown

koi kya jaane ke kaise hum bhari barsaat mein
nazrein aatish apne hi dil ka nagar dekha kiyen

Bhari: Heavy, Full
Barsaat: Rain, Rainy Season
Aatish: Fire, Flame, Ember

sun ke woh ‘Shehzad’ ke ashaar sar dhunta rahaa
thaam kar hum donon hathon se jigar dekha kiyen

Shehzad: A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad
Aashaar: Relations by marriage (within the prohibited degrees)
Dhunna: Agitation; longing, ardent desire, ardour, passion; ambition; inclination, propensity; diligence, assiduity, application, perseverance;—racking pain in the bones
Thaam: Bear, Hold, Carrry
Jigar: Courage, Liver, Heart, Soul, Mind, Vitals


5 comments so far

  1. mili on

    hi..this ghazal is originally sung by mehndi hassan sa’ab..
    m desperately looking for it but cant find it. its from the album “kehna usay”.
    do you have it?and if you do, can you send it to me please?

  2. Aeolus on


    i’m pasting a link for your request. i’m sure u’ll be equally thrilled to hear it, as i was when i found it finally.–177521219

    i’m trying to grab a kehna usay cd. will keep u posted


    • Satyaanveshi on

      I have some of the songs, can mail you if you want.

  3. Mili on

    @Aeolus: Thanks a ton.. u were right..I was ecstatic 🙂 Yeah keep me posted pls..
    Also can you elaborate the ghazal for me??

    @Satyaanveshi: It would be really nice if you could email them at

  4. Mayur Gori on

    Musaafat in this case should mean distance…”sadiyon ki musaafat” meaning ‘distance or separation of centuries’

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