Kabhi Aah Lab Pe

Lyrics by Rashid Kamil

kabhii aah lab pe machal ga_ii
kabhii ashk aa.Nkh se Dhal gaye
vo tumhaare Gam ke chiraaG hai.n
kabhii bujh gaye kabhii jal gaye

Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh
Lab: Lip
Machal: To be wayward, or perverse, or obstinate; to insist (upon); to be refractory, or disobedient
Ashk: Tears
Dhal: Roll, Tilt
Chiraag: Lamp
Bujh jaana: Extinguish, Quench

mai.n Khayaal-o-Khvaab kii mahafile.n
na baqadr-e-shauq sajaa sakaa
tumhaarii ik nazar ke saath hii
mere sab iraade badal gaye

Khayaal: Care, Imagination, Judgement, Opinion, Respect, Remember, Thought, Whim
Khwaab: Sleep, Dream
Mehafil: Assembly, Gathering, Party
Qadr: Amount, Appreciation, Dignity, Honor, Magnitude, Merit, Quantity, Value, Worth
Ba-Qadr: Worthwhile
Shauq: Aspiration, Desire, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Fondness, Keenness, Interest, Taste, Yearning, Zeal
Iraada: Aim, Object, Will, Desire, Intention, Would

kabhii rang me.n kabhii ruup me.n
kabhii chhaa.Nv me.n kabhii dhuup me.n
kahii.n aafataab-e-nazar hai.n vo
kahii.n maahataab me.n Dhal gaye

Rang: Appearance, Aspect, Character, Color, Dancing and Singing, Dye, Enjoyment, Fashion, Merriment
Roop: Outward appearance or phenomenon, form, figure, shape, appearance
Chhaaon: Shade, Umbra, Umbrage
Dhoop: Sun Light
Aaftaab: Sun, Face
Aaftabb-e-Nazar: Bright Face
Maahataab: Moon

jo fanaa huye Gam-e-ishq me.n
u.nhe.n zindagii kaa na Gam huaa
jo na apanii aag me.n jal sake
vo paraa_ii aag me.n jal gaye

Fanaa: Destroyed, Death, Destruction, Mortality
Fanaa ho jaana: To Perish, To Die, To Expire
Paraaii: Belonging To Other

yaa u.nhe.n bhii merii tarah junuu.N
to phir un me.n mujh me.n ye farq kyaa
mai.n giraft-e-Gam se na bach sakaa
vo huduud-e-Gam se nikal gaye

Junoon: Craze, Ecstasy, Frenzy, Insanity, Lunacy, Mania, Madness, Passion, Zealotry
Farq: Defect, Difference, Distance, Separation
Giraft: Lock, Objection
Giraft-e-Gham: Sorrow’s Imprisonment
Huduud: Boundaries, Penal Laws

4 comments so far

  1. girishdsardessai@gmail.com on

    jite raho may god bless you

  2. perksny on

    Please publish sargam notes for this song so we can play on keyboard.
    Thanks for explaining the meaning.

  3. Shailesh on

    This is a slow version. There is another live version with table and harmonium which I am looking for. Now it is available but without the stanza which goes like ‘Kabhi rang me, kabhi roop mai….’. Where to find that?

  4. Jagdish Chander Sharma IAS (Retd) on

    In last verse instead of yaa, tha should be there. Tha unhe bhi..

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