Dost Ban Ban Ke

Lyrics by Saeed Rahi

dost ban ban ke mile mujhako miTaanevaale
mai.n ne dekhe hai.n kaii rang badalanevaale

Mitaana: Erase, Eradicate, Exterminate, Obliterate, Quell
Rang Badalna: Change ones Character/Color

tumne chup rahakar sitam aur bhii Dhaayaa mujh par
tumase achchhe hai.n mere haal pe ha.Nsanevaale

Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Dhaana: To break, batter, shatter, throw down, pull down, knock down, raze; in this context — to cause to befall, to bring
Haal: Affair, Circumstance, Condition, Life, Narrative, Rapture, State
Hansna: Laugh

mai.n to iKhalaaq ke haatho.n hii bikaa karataa huu.N
aur ho.nge tere baazaar me.n bikanevaale

Ikhlaaq: Morals. Virtues, Courtesy, Ethics, Etiquette, Manners
Bikaana: To Sell

aaKhirii daur pe salaam-e-dil-e-muztar le lo
phir naa lauTe.nge shab-e-hijr pe ronevaale

Aakhirii: Eventual, Final, Hindmost, Last
Daur: Age, Course, Cycle, Era, Orbit, Period, Phase, Race, Reign, Revolving
Muztar: Restless
Salaam-e-Dil-e-Muztar: Salute to the restless heart
Shab: Night
Hijr: Separation, Absence From One’s Country
Shab-e-Hijr: Night of Separation


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  1. NaveenKumar on

    This is of great help.

    Thanks a ton for the meanings:D


  2. Sham on

    Such a wonderful Po

  3. Sham on

    Such a wonderful presentation. Thank you for putting all together so nicely.

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