Dard Badhkar Fugaan

Lyrics by Jigar Moradabadi

dard ba.Dakar fugaa.N na ho jaaye
ye zamii.n aasamaa.N na ho jaaye

Fugaan: Clamor, Cry Of Distress, Cry Of Pain, Lamentation, Wail

dil me.n Duubaa huaa jo nashtar hai
mere dil kii zubaa.N na ho jaaye

Nashtar/Nishtar: Lancet
Zubaan/Zabaan: Dialect, Flame (Of A Candle), Language, Tongue, Speech

dil ko le liijiye jo lenaa hai
phir ye saudaa giraa.N na ho jaaye

Saudaa: Bargaining, Madness, Marketing, Melancholy, Trade, Traffic
Giraan/Garaan: Burdensome, Costly, Dear, Heavy, Important, Precious, Tedious, Tiresome, Weighty

aah kiije magar latiif-tariin
lab tak aa kar dhuaa.N na ho jaaye

Aah: Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh
Latiif: Lenient, Light, Juicy, Pleasant, Thin
Tariin: An affix, the termination of the superlative degree in Persian (corresponding to the English termination -est, or the adverb ‘most’
Latiif-Tareen: Lightest, Most Pleasant, Slightest
Lab: Lips
Dhuaan: Smoke


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  1. JSK on

    thanks Ekfankaar for taking a farmaish

  2. girishdsardessai@gmail.com on

    thank you its a great job you are doing

  3. hshahmd on

    Thanks for the lyric and its meaning of a ghazal very well sung by CS. Knowing the meaning enhances the pleasure. Thanks agian.

  4. Nikhil Ghag on

    Thanks for the lyrics with meaning of words. It helps to understand and appreciate more.

  5. j on

    Thanks for the lyrics with meaning of urdu words,Tremendously increases pleasure of the song

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