Faisala Tumko Bhool Jaane Ka

Lyrics by Farhat Shehzad

faisala tumko bhool jaane ka
ek naya khwaab hai deewaane ka

Faisala: Settlement, Decree, Decision
Khwaab: Sleep, Dream

dil kali ka laraz laraz uthaa
zikr tha phir bahaar aane ka

Kali: Blossom, Bud
Laraz: Oscillate, Quaver, Quiver, Quake, Shake, Throb, Totter
Zikr: Discussion, Remembrance, Memory, Mention, Qur”an Recital
Bahaar: Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight, Elegance, Enjoyment, Fine Landscape, Flourishing State, Prime, Spring

hausala kam kisi mein hota hai
jeet kar khud hi haar jaane ka

Hausala: Capacity, Courage, Desire, Spirit, Resolution, Strength

zindagi kat gai manaate hue
ab iraada hai rooth jaane ka

Katna: Pass by, Elapse
Manaana: To cause to mind; to put in mind (of, -se); to cause to agree to, &c.; to cause to trust; to reason with, to persuade, prevail upon, win over; to soothe; to coax; to conciliate; to propitiate; to assuage, to appease
Iraada: Aim, Object, Will, Desire, Intention, Would
Rootha: Irritated, offended, displeased, angry, estranged, cool

aap ‘Shehzad’ ki na fikr karein
woh toh aadi hai zakhm khaane ka

Shehzad: A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad
Fikr: Advice, Anxiety, Care, Concern, Consideration, Counsel, Idea, Imagination, Notion, Opinion, Reflection
Aadi: Addicted, Accustomed Compulsive, Customary, Habitual, Wonted


5 comments so far

  1. Patanjali on

    Nice Gazal…..Heart Touching

  2. Anonymous on

    Your singing is very good. Work on Sargam and must use proper sound system for any future recordings. Try to come up with original compositions, that way, you will not be compared with any one else, including the original singer. Hope to see you at a higher level, good luck. Harjit Pabla, Toronto.

  3. Avijit on

    My God Dear Harjit, You are telling Hariharanji to work on sargam! One of the all time greats as far as Ghazal singing is concerned. As far as original compositions are concerned he has at least 20 albums with them. This was a tribute album for Mehdi Hassan saab, where most of the singers sang his compositions. And He is one of the most respected singer in India mainly for his tremendous versatility. He can sing a ghazal, thumri or a tapori song with equal ease. Sure there is always a scope foe improvement. But, he is already at the zenith.

  4. Anonymous on

    Dear Avijit Ji, I am soory that my message got confused, it was not at all for Hariharan Sahib. It was for this punjabi guy who was singing with a guy on Tabla in somebody’s living room. His singing was fairly good with out-of-tune sargam. I can never write anything of this sort for Great Hariharan Sahib. As I see from your comments, we are both hariharan’s Fans. Take care, Harjit Pabla

  5. Avijit on

    Dear Harjitji, sorry about the confusion. Yes I am Hariji’s fan. In fact I like almost all the ghazal greats. I have a blog too(though I don’t have much time to update it regularly). Please visit mehefil-e-ghazal.blogspot.com and post your valuable comments.

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