Konpalen Phir Phoot Aayeen

Mehdi Hassan Version:

Nusrat Version:

Lyrics by Farhad Shehzad

konpalen phir phoot aayeen, shaakh par, kehnaa use
woh na samjha hai, na samjhega, magar kehnaa use

Konpal: An opening bud, an unblown flower; a new leaf just sprouting, a sprout, shoot
Phoot: Break, Breach, Broken, Malice, Quarrel
Shaakh: ranch, Bough, Dilemma, Difficulty, Objection, Offshoot, Province

waqt ka tuufaan har ik shai bahaa kar le gayaa
itni tanhaa ho gayi hai rahguzar kehanaa use

Waqt: Hour, Occasion, Opportunity, Time, Term, Season
Tuufaan: Riot, Storm, Tempest, Hurricane
Shai: A thing, object; a matter, an affair; an article
Tanhaa: Alone, Solitary, Lonely, By Oneself, Quiet, Single, Unaccompanied, Unattended
Rahguzar: Road, way, passage, channel, pass;–a traveller

jaa raha hai chhod kar tanhaa mujhe jiske liye
chain na de paayega siimuzhar seem-o-zar kehanaa use

Chain: Ease, Comfort, Rest, Peace, Contentment
Muzhar: proposer; declarer; informer; a deponent
Siimuzhar: Messenger, Emissary(?) — Would appreciate if someone could verify/clarify the meaning of this word

Seem: Silver
Zar: Cash, Currency, Gold, Lucre, Money, Pollen, Riches, Wealth
Seem-o-Zar: Silver and Gold, Wealth, Riches

ris raha ho khoon dil se lab magar hanste rahe
kar gaya barbaad mujhko yeh hunar kehnaa use

Ris: Anger, passion, vexation, displeasure (conceived), offence, huff
Risna: To drop slowly, to drip, trickle, leak; to sweat, exude, ooze
Khoon: Blood
Lab: Lips
Barbaadi: Loss, ruin, destruction, waste, laying waste, ravage
Hunar: Accomplishment, Art, Attainment, Knowledge, Skill, Talent

jisne zakhmon se mera ‘Shehzad’ siina bhar diya
muskuraakar aaj pyaare chaaragar kehnaa use

Zakhm: Bruise, Cut, Damage, Felon, Gash, Hack, Harm, Hurt, Injury, Loss,Sore, Wound
Shehzad: A reference to the poet, Farhad Shehzad
Siina: Bosom, Breast, Chest
Muskuraanaa: To Smile
Chaaragar: Healer, Doctor, Physician, One Who Cures


16 comments so far

  1. shamaila on

    seem o zarr” means wealth, gold and gems
    as far my little knowledge is.

  2. the illusionist on

    i landed here due to some google search for a poem and was delighted to see some lovely poems and songs here. its great to even know someone with similar taste. i have heard most of the ghazals you have posted here and some really new ones too. what is even better is that you religiously post translations of words. great work.
    i think in the couplet ris raha ho khoon dil se… ris in this context perhaps means the slow and deliberate flowing of blood from the heart.

    • Tariq on

      Exactly Ris raha means like leaking “dropping blood” Heart is dropping blood but have smile on the lips.One of my most fav Ghazal sung by Ustad Mehdi hassan (Marhoum) n also humera channa Sang it nicely n lovely.

  3. antaeus on

    Kya baat hai!! Simply superb

    ris raha ho khoon dil se lab magar hanste rahe
    kar gaya barbaad mujhko yeh hunar kehnaa use

    wah! wah!

  4. edgeofentropy on

    Have enjoyed your translations and songs immensely. Seems it’s been a while since your last post. Hoping you’ll post more! thanks!

  5. Santosh on

    Great compilation of Ghazals I loved – and did not listen to for a time. I am certain to visit your site often.

  6. kaul on

    ris raha ho khoon dil se lab magar hanste rahe
    kar gaya barbaad mujhko yeh hunar kehnaa use

    Ris: Anger, passion, vexation, displeasure (conceived), offence, huff

    Here risna (रिसना, رِسنا) means to ooze out.

  7. Uma on

    Amazing collection …. especially Ghulam Ali …!!!!

    btw … I was looking for woh jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha …. could not find it ….

  8. Meenketan on

    Performance of Humera Channa is just great, very good. She is appropriately gifted.

  9. Shashwat on

    nice work .,
    but would you please correct the meaning of
    “RIS” above ., it means to flow, leak or ooze out.
    it was also suggested by Kaul but . what the heck..
    please correct it
    thank you

  10. JSK on

    it looks a long time you have posted.

    how about this song to restart

    Dard badakar Fugaan na ho jaaye
    ye zamiin aasamaan na ho jaaye

    song by chitra

  11. naveed on

    I had listened this ghazal of farhat shezad,sung by humera channa on your blog and it was fantastic.Can you tell me why it has been removed and where I can listen to it.
    regards, naveed

  12. Girish on

    could you pl upload Humera Channa version too she has sung it so well.

  13. abhi on

    ek bahut hi accha aur sarahaniya pryas hai.

  14. Rishi on

    great work , Thanks a lot !!!

  15. Tariq on

    waah khan Nusrat ali khan sahib k bhi kiya baat hai ,alag andaaz a different fragrance of singing..Mahsa Allah

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