Ek Bas Tu Hi Nahin

Abida Parveen version:

Mehdi Hassan version:

Lyrics by Farhat Shehzad

एक बस तू ही नहीं मुझसे खफा हो बैठा
मैंने जो संग तराशा वो खुदा हो बैठा

ek bas tuu hii nahii.n mujhase Khafaa ho baiThaa
mai.n ne jo sa.ng taraashaa vo Khudaa ho baiThaa

खफा, Khafaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy
संग, Sang: Stone
तराशा, Taraashaa: Carving, Cutting, Chiseling
संग-तराशा, Sang-Taraashaa: Sculpting

उठ के मंजिल ही अगर आये तो शायद कुछ हो
शौक़-इ-मंजिल तो मेरा आबला-पा हो बैठा

uTh ke ma.nzil hii agar aaye to shaayad kuchh ho
shauq-e-ma.nzil me.n toh meraa aabalaapaa ho baiThaa

शुक-इ-मंजिल, Shauq-e-Manzil: Eager search of the goal/destination
आबला-पा, Aabalaa-paa: Blistered Feet , One Who Has Blisters On The Feet

मसलेहत छीन गई कुव्वत-इ-गुफ्तार मगर
कुछ न कहना ही मेरा मेरी सदा हो बैठा

maslehat chiin gaii quvvat-e-guftaar magar
kuchh na kahanaa hii meraa merii sadaa ho baiThaa

मसलेहत, Maslehat: Expediency, Prudent Measure, A Good Thing
छीनना, Chiin-na: Snatching
कुव्वत, Quvvat: Strength
गुफ्तार, Guftaar: Conversation, Discourse, Speech, Talk
कुव्वत-इ-गुफ्तार, Quvvat-e-Guftaar: Strength of Speech
सदा, Sadaa: Always, Call, Conversation, Echo, Ever, Sound, Tone, Voice

शुक्रिया ऐ मेरे कातिल ऐ मसीहा मेरे
ज़हर जो तुने दिया था वो दवा हो बैठा

shukriyaa ae mere qaatil ae masiihaa mere
zahar jo tune diyaa thaa vo davaa ho baiThaa

कातिल, Qaatil: Assassin, Homicide, Killer, Lethal, Murderer
मसीहा, Masihaa: Christ, One With

जान-इ-शेहजाद को मिन-जुम्ला-इ-आदा पाकर
हूक वो उठी की जी तन से जुदा हो बैठा

jaan-e-‘Shehzad’ ko min_jumlaa-e-adaa min_jumlaa-e-aada paakar
huuk vo uTThii ke jii tan se judaa ho baiThaa

शेहजाद, Shehzad: A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad
मिन-जुम्ला, Min-Jumlaa: Part of a whole, Out Of, From Among
अदा, Adaa: Beauty, Charm, Elegance, Fascination, Grace, Payment Of Debt Performance, Pose, Settlement, Style>
आदा, Aada: to be done, effected, or accomplished satisfactorily or properly, &c.; to be brought out, uttered or pronounced distinctly (a letter or word in reading); to be done for, undone, demolished, made an end of
Min-Jumlaa-e-Adaa: Half hearted gesture/welcome(?)

Note: Most versions of these lyrics use the word Aada which is “ginger in the undried state”. However Adaa seems to fit better. Would appreciate if someone could clarify

मिन-जुम्ला-इ-आदा, Min-Jumlaa-e-Aada: Fragile, Wasted, Deteriorating condition

Thanks to the comment from Moby clarifying the meaning of this phrase. I was able to search better and find the right meaning for ‘Aada’

हूक, Huuk: Shooting Pain


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  1. Shraddha on

    Loved the song. Thanks for the lyrics.

  2. Hamza on

    Ye kiski ghazal hai? (as in, who wrote it?) — Kuchh Faiz ka andaz lag raha hai, but I’m not sure. Does n e one knw?

    • AD SINGH on

      see the last sher of poetry “Farhat Shehzad”

  3. Hamza on

    Ahh nvm, It’s probably Farhat Shehzad 😀 — I don’t know who that is, but i’ll look him up.

  4. Anand on

    Superb….! listen this ghazal least five times a day…. thanks for explaning meaning ….!

  5. sudeshna on

    abida and abida… she saved me… she helped me to face the world… i am learning to understand the real meaning of life through her songs… i listen her songs every moment, nobody can count it… i need her postal address… or mail id… please help me if anyone knows it… it will save my life…

    • Anonymous on

      you are own strength!

      • Anonymous on

        you are YOUR own strength, its all in ur mind!

  6. sudeshna on

    i also need the lyrics of mujhe bekhudi ye tune.. can anybody help me?

  7. mobashshir on

    Uthke manzil hi agar aaye to shayad kuch ho,
    Shauq-e-manzil to mera aabla-pa ho baitha!

    Yaar yeh sher Ghazal ki jaan hai! U made a mistake while writing it and secondly as per your knowledge “minjumla-e-aada” here means fragile just like beautiul words and somewhat wounded too.

    Thanks anyways,

  8. Nishant Srivastava on


  9. Syed Hyder on

    Dille nadan sambhal dhadak tere ane pe jo,
    Gaya jo tu to lahoo jaa(n) se ubal ho bhaitha

    Irade mey hum jeetlen duniya ka wajood
    khaak pe malte hain sar tu jo juda ho bhaitha

    Tha parakhne ka tumhe shaokh to rona kaisa
    Ishq mein may to meri jaa(n) se juda ho baitha

    Hyder nahi shaer koi pae ka hai shehzaad
    Andheron mey lahoo siyahi ka khalam ho baitha

  10. SPG on


  11. Anonymous on


  12. Anonymous on

    aada means enemies

  13. Smita marawar on

    Aada means enemy,minjumla e aada means t b surrounded enemies,

    Huuk vo uthi means got a shooting pain n d heart(nt physical heart)

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