Bin Baarish Barsaat Na Hogi″

Lyrics by Khalid Mehmood Aarif

बिन बारिष बरसात ना होगी
रात गयी तो रात ना होगी

bin baarish barsaat na hogi
raat gayi toh raat na hogi

बारिष, Baarish: Rain
बरसात, Barsaat: Rain, Rainy Season, Monsoon

राज़-इ-मोहब्बत तुम मत पूछो
मुझसे तो ये बात ना होगी

raaz-e-mohabbat tum mat poochho
mujse toh yeh baat na hogi

राज़, Raaz: Mystery, Secret

किस से दिल बहलाओगे तुम
जिस दम मेरी ज़ात ना होगी

kis se dil behalaaoge tum
jis dam meri zaat na hogi

बहलाना, Behalaana: To Amuse
ज़ात, Zaat: Being Endowed With, Birth, Body, Breed, Caste, Conscious, Creed, Essence, Existence, Having Possession

अश्क भी अब ना पैद हुए हैं
शायम अब बरसात ना होगी

ashq bhi ab na paid huye hain
shaayad ab barsaat na hogi

अश्क, Ashq: Tears
पैदा, Paida: Acquired, Born, Discovered, Exhibited, Earning, Gain, Income, Invented, Manifest, Profit, Produced

यूं देखेंगे आरिफ उसको
बीच में अपनी ज़ात ना होगी

yuun dekhenge ‘Aarif’ usko
beech mein apni zaat na hogi

आरिफ, Aarif: A reference to the poet, Khalid Mehmood Aarif
बीच, Beech: Among, Between, Centre, Middle


4 comments so far

  1. sandesh on

    hands off to gulam ali and the writer..

  2. sandesh on

    hands off to gulam ali.. I do not have any precious words to praise him… I can only say thank you to mysterio….

  3. Neeraj on

    not hands off …but hats off..

  4. ruskin bond on

    I have no words to describe the magic in ghulam ali’s voice

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