Meri Tasveer Mein

Lyrics by Muzaffar Warsi

meri tasveer meiN rang aur kisi ka to nahiN
gher le muJhko sab aaNkheN maiN tamasha to nahiN

Tasveer: Illustration, Photograph, Picture, Portrait, Painting
Rang: Appearance, Aspect, Character, Color, Dancing and Singing, Dye, Enjoyment, Fashion, Merriment, Nature
Gheryna: Besiege, Blockade, Boundary, Brim, Enclose, Enfold, Encircle, Obsess, Occupy, Wind
Tamaashaa: Amusement, Entertainment, Exhibition, Fun, Play, Pleasure, Show, Sigh, Sport, Spectacle

zindagi tuJhse se har ik saaNs pe samJhauta karooN
shauK jeene ka hai muJhko magar itna to nahiN

Saans: Breath, Sigh
Samjhautaa: Accord, Agreement
Shauq: Aspiration, Desire, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Fondness, Keenness, Interest, Taste, Yearning, Zeal

rooh ko dard mila dard ko aaNkheN na mili
tuJhko mehsoos kiya hai tuJhse dekha to nahiN

Rooh: Soul
Mahsuus: Felt, Perceived, Sensible

sochte sochte dil dooBne lagta hai mera
zehaN kee tai meiN ‘Muzaffar’ koi dariya to nahiN

Duubna: To Drown, To Sink
Zehan: Brain, Mind, Thought
Tai: To fold, to roll up; to pass or cross over, to traverse; to bring to a conclusion, to wind up, to close, to dispose of; to constrain; to abridge
Muzaffar: A reference to the poet, Muzaffar Warsi
Dariya: River

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