Hai Tabassum Tera

Lyrics by Javed Anwar

haaye tabassum tera, haaye tabassum tera
dhoop khilgayi raat mein,yaa bijli giri barsaat mein

Tabassum: Smile
Dhoop: Sun Light

dekhi teri angdaayi, shamma ki lau thartharaayi
uff yeh hasin, maasum si, jannat kaa jaise savera
haaye tabassum tera

Angdaayi: Yawn
Shamma: Lamp, Flame
Lau: Ardent Desire, Attachment, Candle Flame, Expectation
Thartharaana: Palpitate, Shake, Shiver
Jannat: Eden, Garden, Heaven, Paradise

palkon ki chilman utana, dheere se yeh muskuraana
lab jo hile, zulfon tale, chhaya gulabi andhera
haaye tabassum tera

Palkon: Eyelashes
Chilman: Curtains, Blinds (Venetian Blinds)
Tale: Underneath

roko na apni hasi.n ko, jeene do vallah kisi ko
teri hasi.n, ruk jo gayi, ruk jaayega sans mera
haaye tabassum tera

Vallah: I swear, By God


2 comments so far

  1. Amit Dave on

    Ek Fankaar,

    What a song? It seems Rafisaab sings from his inner voice straight from his heart. Awesome song. You are not just ek Fankaar. You are GEM who is helping others cherish the memories of a great man….. God Bless……

    Regards & Best Wishes,
    Amit Dave

  2. ChanderP.Bakshi on

    I am a fan of Rafi and sings his song from my childhood,though today I am 58 years old. But I never get the exposure to show my worth.with regards

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