Masti Bhari Nazar

Lyrics by Surender Malik Gumnam

mastii bharii nazar kaa nashaa hai mujhe abhii
ye jaam duur rakh do pii luu.Ngaa phir kabhii

Mastii: Intoxication, Lust
Nashaa: Addiction, Arrogance, Intoxication, Pride

dil ko jalaa ke bazm ko raushan na kiijiye
us mah_jabii.n ko aane me.n kuchh der hai abhii

Bazm: Meeting, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party
Jabiin: Brow, Forehead
Mah-jabiin: One with a face like the moon

ham ne to ashk pii ke guzaarii hai saarii umr
ham se Khafaa hai kis liye aaKhir ye zindagii

Ashk: Tears
Khafaa: Angry, Annoyed, Concealment, Displeased, Secrecy

jaam-e-subuu ko duur hii rahane de saaqiiyaa
mujh ko utaaranaa hai kal kaa nashaa abhii

Subuu: Jar, Tumbler
Jaam-e-Subuu: Cup and Jar (wine cup and wine jug in this context)
Utaarnaa: Lessen, Take Down, Take Off, Unload


2 comments so far

  1. S C Jolly on

    What a beautiful Ghazal on SHRAAB.Ghulam Ali has sung it beautifully.How ever it has not caught attention of listners as it was not properly propagated.

  2. Anonymous on

    Ghazal is written with passion and sung with fervor by Ghulam Ali in a unique manner.How ever the publicity /propagation of this has not been done properly.This will stay as ever green Ghazal on SHARAB and appreciated by all lovers of poetry and Ghulam Ali.

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