Paara Paara Hua

Lyrics by Saeed Rahi

paara paara huaa pairaahan-e-jaa.N
phir mujhe chho.D gaye chaaraagaraa.N

Paara: Fragment, Piece, Ward
Paara-Paara: In Bits And Pieces
Pairaahan: Dress, Shirt, Robe, Cloth
Pairaahan-e-Jaan: Fabric Of Life
Chaaraagaraan: Healers, Doctors

ko_ii aahaT na ishaara na sharaab saraab
kaisaa viraa.N hai ye dasht-e-imkaa.N

Aahat: Sound of feet approaching, sound of soft footsteps; sound, noise, clack, tick
Ishaaraa: Allusion, Gesture, Mention, Sign, Symbol, Quote, Wink, Wrinkle
Sharaab: Alcohol, Wine, Liquor
Saraab: Mirage
Viiraan: Deserted, Desolate Place, Lonely, Wilderness
Dasht: Desert, Hands, Jungle, Wilderness
Imkaan: Possibility

vaqt ke sog me.n lamho.n kaa juluus
jaise ek qaafilaa-e-nauhaagaraa.N

Sog: Lamentation, Mourning
Lamha: Jiffy, Minute, Moment, Trice
Juluus: Procession
Qaafilaa: Caravan
Nauhaagaraan: Mourners
Qaafilaa-e-NauhaagaraaN: Funeral procession


3 comments so far

  1. RA on

    Hi Ritesh, You have somehow read my mind. I have been thinking of this ghazal for some time.Thanks.
    By the way, I was amazed by the last sher of Prem Warbartoni’s ghazal.

  2. Ritesh on

    You are doing a great job . Can you please include Ghalibs
    ‘ बस कि दुष्वार है हर काम का आसान होना
    आदमी को भी मयस्सर नही इन्सान होना
    in your future post.

  3. Khan on

    This is amongst the best of Ghulam Ali’s renditions.

    A correction…
    The second sher goes…
    ko_ii aahaT na ishaara na SARAAB
    kaisaa viraa.N hai ye dasht-e-imkaa.N

    (saraab – mirage)

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