Mastaana Piye Jaa

Lyrics by Akhtar Shirani

mastaanaa piye jaa yuu.N hii mastaanaa piye jaa
paimaanaa to kyaa chiiz hai maiKhaanaa piye jaa

Mastaanaa: Drunk, drunken
Paimaanaa: Wine Goblets
Maikhaanaa: Drinking Bar, Tavern

kar garq mai-o-jaam Gam-e-gardish-e-ayyaam
ab ai dil-e-naakaam tuu maiKhaanaa piye jaa
ab ai dil-e-naakaam tuu hakiimaana piye jaa

Garq: Drown
Mai-o-jaam: Goblet filled with wine
Gardish: About, Bad Time, Circulation, Luck, Misfortune, Revolution, Vagrancy, Wandering
Ayyaam: Days, Life
Gham-e-Gardish-e-Ayyaam: Sorrow of everyday life
Dil-e-Naakaam: Useless/Weak Heart
Hakiimaana: In the manner of one having authority; judicial, official;—with authority; judicially, magisterially

mai-noshii ke aadaab se aagaah nahii.n tuu
jis tarah kahe saaqii-e-maiKhaanaa piye jaa

Noshi: Drinking
Mai-noshii: Drinking wine
Aadaab: Ceremonies, Conventions, Civilities, Etiquette, Good Manners, Manners, Polish, Prosperous, Rituals
Aagaah: Alert, Acquainted With, Aware, Forewarned, Informed, Known
Saaqii: Beloved, Bar Tender, Cup-Bearer, Page

is bastii me.n hai vahashat-e-mastii hii se hastii
is makr ki basti mein hain masti hi se hasti
diivaanaa ban aur baadil-e-diivaanaa piye jaa

Makr: Plotting; plot, machination; fraud, deceit; duplicity; wile, artifice, trick; cheating, imposture; evasion; pretext, pretence; colour; disguise
Basti: Village
Hastii: Being, Existence, Life
Baa-dil:With the heart, heartily, cordially, sincerely

maiKhaane ke ha.ngaame.n hai.n kuchh der ke mehamaa.N
hai subah-o-qariib “Akhtar”-e-divaanaa piye jaa

Qariib: Adjacent, Akin, Approaching, Almost, Approximately, Near
Akhtar: A reference to the poet, Akhtar Shirani


2 comments so far

  1. neeraj bhatt on

    wrong wrong wrong!!
    4th line “aei dile naakam hakimana piye jaa”
    7th line “is makr ki basti mein hai mati hi se hasti””deewana ban aur baa dile deewana piye jaa”
    at least listen to the ghazal first

  2. ekfankaar on

    Thanks for the comment.

    Usually I listen to the ghazal while translating the lyrics, but this time, I must have copied the lyrics from a source and translated without listening to the ghazal at the same time. I’ll keep this in mind for future posts and go back and review past posts for such differences.

    Your feedback is most appreciated.

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