Baat Karni Mujhe

Lyrics by Bahadur Shah Zafar

बात करनी मुझे मुश्किल कभी ऐसी तो न थी
जैसी अब है तेरी महफ़िल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

baat karnii mujhe mushkil kabhii aisii to na thii
jaisii ab hai terii mehfil kabhii aisii to na thii

महफ़िल, Mehfil: Assembly, Gathering, Party

ले गया छीन के कौन आज तेरा सब्र-ओ-करार
बेक़रारी तुझे ए दिल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

le gayaa chhiin ke kaun aaj teraa sabr-o-qaraar
beqaraarii tujhe ai dil kabhii aisii to na thii

छीन, Chiin: Grab, Hunt, Seize, Snatch
सब्र, Sabr: Bear, Endurance, Patience, Resignation, Submission, Suffering
करार, Qaraar: Ease, Patience, Quietude, Repose, Residence, Rest, Satisfaction, Stability
बेक़रार, Be-qaraar: Uneasy, Restless, Unsettled

चश्म-ए-क़ातिल मेरी दुश्मन थी हमेशा लेकिन
जैसे अब हो गई क़ातिल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

chashm-e-qaatil merii dushman thii hameshaa lekin
jaise ab ho ga_ii qaatil kabhii aisii to na thii

चश्म, Chashm: Eye, Expectation, Hope
क़ातिल, Qaatil: Assassin, Homicide, Killer, Lethal, Murderer

उनकी आँखों ने खुदा जाने किया क्या जादू
के तबीयत मेरी माइल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

un kii aa.Nkho.n ne Khudaa jaane kiyaa kyaa jaaduu
ke tabiiyat merii maa_il kabhii aisii to na thii

तबीयत, Tabiiyat: Disposition, Mood, Nature, Temperament
माइल, Maa’il: Affected, Apt, Bent, Biased, Enamoured, Lean

अक्स-ए-रुख-ए-यार ने किस से है तुझे चमकाया
ताब तुझ में माह-ए-कामिल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

aks-e-ruKh-e-yaar ne kis se hai tujhe chamkaayaa
taab tujh me.n maah-e-kaamil kabhii aisii to na thii

अक्स, Aks: Counterpart, Image, Photograph, Reflection, Reverse
अक्स-ए-रुख-ए-यार, Aks-e-rukh-e-yaar: Reflection of lovers face
ताब, Taab: Agreeable, Brilliance, Courage, Endurance, Excellent, Gleam, Heat, Luminance, Luster, Patience
माह, Maah: Moon, Month
कामिल, Kaamil: Absolute, Accomplished, Complete, Learned, Whole
माह-ए-कामिल, Maah-e-Kaamil: Full moon

क्या सबब तू जो बिगड़ता है ज़फर से हर बार
खू तेरी हूर-ए-शमाइल कभी ऐसी तो न थी

kyaa sabab tuu jo biga.Dataa hai “Zafar” se har baar
Khuu terii huur-e-shamaa_il kabhii aisii to na thii

सबब, Sabab: Bring About, Cause, Occasion, Reason, Relationship
बिगड़ना, BigaDna: To get angry/upset with
ज़फर, Zafar: A reference to the poet, Bahadur Shah Zafar
खू, Khuu: Habit, Behaviour
हूर, Hoor: Virgin Of Paradise, Nymph, Beauty
शमाइल, Shamaa’il: Excellences, virtues, talents, abilities; dispositions; qualities; customs
हूर-ए-शमाइल, Hoor-e-Shamaa’il: Beauty with excellent disposition and virtues


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  1. neeraj bhatt on

    very helpful lyrics, this ghazal along with naa kisi ki aankh kaa noor hun by zafar has been my all time fav

  2. sachin on

    thanks really appreciate your lyrics particulaly the last paragraph, simly woderful, its amazing the songs written in the 18th century are still alive!!

  3. Mr. Yatin Sheth on

    Excellent job by ‘ Ek Fankaar ‘. Music/ghazal lovers with limited knowledge of urdu language will greatly benefit and enjoy such ghazals with some difficult lyrics, through this website, with its detailed translation in English language. Enoyed every aspect of the ghazal. Could not have done so without your help/contribution. A million thanks…. keep it up. Khuda-hafeez

  4. sagar on


  5. chandidas mishra on

    what you give here does not include the first antara in the mehdi hasan rendering. when i listen i cannot make out the words clearly. can you help?

  6. chandidas mishra on

    it goes something like “…koi zinda me naya hai majnu, …silasil kabhi aisi to nathi” but i am not sure what the exact words

    • sochiye on

      perhaps the additional couplet you are referring to is this:

      “paa-e-KhoobaaN koi zindaaN meN nayaa hai majnuuN
      aati aawaaz-e-silaasil kabhi aisii to na thii”

      paa-e-KhoobaaN; (under the) foot of the beloved
      zindaaN: prison, dungeon
      majnuuN: an aashiq (from the Laila majnuuN story)
      silaasil: chains, shackles.
      aawaaz-e-silaasil: clanking of chains

      hope this helps.

  7. paul on


  8. shakilakhtar on

    very nice ghazal. thanks. I want to put the same on my blog too with complete translation.

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  10. armpit kumar mishra on

    ग़ज़ल गायक मेहंदी हसन साहब के बारे में मै कुछ भी कहूंगा वह नया नहीं होगा इसलिए मैं उन के बारे में कुछ कहना नहीं चाहता धन्यवाद

  11. Anonymous on

    heard this gazal since last two months. today saw this translation. thanks for sharing it. Great

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