Dil-E-Muztar Ko Samjhaaya

Lyrics by Faiyaz Hashmi

dil-e-muztar ko samjhaaya bahot hai
magar is dil ne tadpaaya bahot hai

Muztar: Restless
Dil-E-Muztar: restless/impatient/anxious heart
Samjhaana Explain, Reason With, Remonstrate, Console
Bahot: Many, Much, Numerous, Very
Tadap: Yearning, Yen

qayaamat hai yeh tarh ke aarzoo tark-e-aarzoo bhi
mujhe aksar woh yaad aaya bahot hai

Qayaamat: Resurrection, Judgement Day, Tumult
Tarh: Condition, Design, Form, Foundation, Like, Manner, Mode, Plan, Style, Type, Way
Tark: Abandon, Abdicate, Break, Evacuate, Give Up, Leave, Relinquish, Renounce, Walkway, Waive
Aarzoo: Aspiration, Desire, Hankering, Hunger, Longing, Solicitude, Wish, Yearning, Yen
Tark-e-Aarzoo: Abandonment of Desire
Aksar: Continually, Frequently, Usually, Generally, Often, At Times, Most, Much, Many

tabassum bhi hayaa bhi berukhi bhi
yeh andaaz-e-sitam bhaaya bahot hai

Tabassum: Smile
Hayaa: Bashfulness, Modesty, Retiring, Shame, Shyness
Berukhi: Aloofness Caused By Anger, Ignorance, Indifference
Andaaz: Genre, Manner, Mode, Type, Style, Way
Sitam: Cruelty, Injustice, Oppression Tyranny, Torment, Torture, Violence
Andaaz-e-Sitam: Manner of Tormenting
Bhaana: To be approved (of), to be acceptable (to, -ko), be pleasing (to), to please; to be beloved, be held dear; to suit, fit, become; to seem good or befitting

rahein hasti ke is jalte safar mein
tumhaari yaad ka saayaah bahot hai

Hasti: Being, Existence, Life
Saayaah: Shadow, Shade, Shelter, Apparition

qayaamat hai yeh tarh ke aarzoo tark-e-aarzoo bhi
mujhe aksar woh yaad aaya bahot hai
magar is dil ne tadpaaya bahot hai
dil-e-muztar ko samjhaaya bahot hai


14 comments so far

  1. RA on

    Good ghazal. Thanks.
    I may not be right but,
    while listening to the second sher,the word (tarh) sounds more like tark .

    A. tark, s. m. Abandoning, abandonment, omission, leaving, deserting, abdication. tark-i-adab, Disrespect. tark karnā, To abandon, leave, forsake, leave off, quit, omit, cease, desert, resign.

    It could fit, as tark-e-aarzoo would roughly mean abandonment of desire.

  2. Ritesh Kulkarni on

    I don’t think it is ‘tark’, I heard ‘tarh, and it fits much better with tarh.

  3. Ahmer Ali on


    Indeed a very good ghazal. While listening to it, I also agree with RA that its ‘tark’ rather than ‘tarh’ which means abandoning/abandonment; which seems to fit the sheir much better than the latter.

  4. ekfankaar on

    Thanks RA and Ahmer. I have updated the post with your suggestions.

  5. misbah huq on

    dil-e-muztar(woh dil jis mein iztiraab ho yaani baichainee ho(restless heart).

    qayamat hai yeh tark_e_aarzoo bhi

    tark-aarzoo is the right and appropriate word.

    angoothi main nageenay ki tarah.

    try to listen through a head phone ,it is crystal clear.

    good ghazal .

    misbah u huq

  6. Rafay Kashmiri on

    @ beautiful dhun so nicely handled, tablah very
    pronouncing, to be more ” hammered ” may be,
    microphone badly placed,

    what ghazal singer Faridah ji, mazah agaya,

  7. thecommutist on

    any idea who the poet is?

  8. Mansoor Afzal on

    the poet of this Ghazal is

    “Fayyaz Hashmi”

    • ekfankaar on


      Thanks! I have updated the post with the poet details.

  9. musafir555@hotmail.com on

    Thanks a lot for this blog.

    I have a correction if y ou don’t mind.
    qayaamat hai yeh tarh ke aarzoo bhi
    mujhe aksar woh yaad aaya bahot hai
    magar is dil ne tadpaaya bahot hai
    dil-e-muztar ko samjhaaya bahot hai

    Correct: qayaamat hai ye tark-e-aarzoo bhi

    thaks again for this khazana.


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  11. M.Sameer Nizami on

    Very very beautiful gazal and beautifully performed by Faridah Khanum………….My most beautiful gazal …….
    Sameer nizami

  12. Mohammad Akram on

    I read somewhere that it was written by Imdad Hussain Imdad and not by Faiyaz Hashmi.
    Please clarify it.

  13. Mohammad Akram on

    And yes it is TARK e aarzoo.
    This ghazal has also been sung by Alycia Dias in drama “Dil e muztar”

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