Aji Hamse Bachkar

Poet unknown. Please leave a comment if you know who the poet is.

अजी हमसे बचकर कहाँ जाईएगा
जहां जाईएगा हमें पायिएगा

aji hamse bachkar kahaan jaayiega
jahaan jaayiega hamein paayiega

ये कैसा नशा है ये कैसा असर है
न काबू में दिल है न बसे में नज़र है

yeh kaisa nashaa hai yeh kaisa asar hai
na kaaboo mein dil hai na bas mein nazar hai

असर, Asar: Action, Effect, Governance, Impression , Influence, Mark, Ruin, Sign, Trace
काबू, Kaaboo: Authority, Command, Control, Hold, Possession, Power

ज़रा होश आ ले चले जाईएगा
ठहर जाईएगा, ठहर जाईएगा
zaraa hosh aa le chale jaayiege
theher jaaayiega, theher jaayiega

होश, Hosh: Awareness, Realization, Sense, Mind, Understanding


2 comments so far

  1. RA on

    Good song. The actress looks beautiful but the actor could be replaced.Rafi sahib’s voice saves him.

  2. Kanan on

    Nice song. 🙂

    Wish they’d longer version of the song for Rafi sahab as well.

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