Aaye Kuchh Abr

Lyrics by <em.Faiz Ahmed Faiz

aaye kuchh abr kuchh sharaab aaye
us ke baad aaye jo azaab aaye

Abr: Cloud
Azaab: Agony, Anguish, Botheration, Curse, Difficulty, Misfortune, Pain, Punishment, Sea, Sin, Sorrow, Torment

baam-e-miinaa se maahataab utare
dast-e-saaqii me.n aaftaab aaye

Baam: Balcony, Eel, Morning, Roof, Terrace, Upper Storey
Miinaa: Wine Decanter, Container
Maahataab: Moon
Dast: Hand, Power
Saaqii: Beloved, Bar Tender, Cup-Bearer, Page, One who dispenses wine
Aaftaab: Sun, Face

har rag-e-Khuu.N me.n phir charaaGaa.N ho
saamane phir wo benaqaab aaye

Rag: Nerve, Vessel, Vein
CharaaGaan: To brighten up
Be-Naqaab: Without a Veil, Open Faced

umr ke har waraq pe dil ko nazar
terii mehar-o-wafaa ke baab aaye

Waraq: Card, Flake, Foil, Folio, Leaf, Page, Paper, Sheet
Mehar: Kindness, Loyalty
Wafaa: Fulfilling A Promise, Fulfillment, Fidelity, Faithful, Sincerity, Sufficiency
Baab:Affair, Chapter, Company, Division of Book, Door, Gate, Heading, In the Matter of, Kind, Section

kar rahaa thaa Gham-e-jahaa.N kaa hisaab
aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

Hisaab: Reckoning, Account, Computation, Rate, Sense
Be-Hisaab: Unlimited, unaccountable

na gaii tere Gham kii saradaarii
dil me.n yuu.n roz inqalaab aaye

Saraa: The world
Daar: Having, possessing, holding, keeping; possessor, keeper, lord, master
Sara-daar: Keeper of a caravansary, innkeeper; landlord; master of the horse
Inqalaab: Change, Revolution, Rebellion

jal uThe bazm-e-Gair ke dar-o-baam
jab bhii ham Khaanamaa.N_Kharaab aaye

Bazm: Meeting, “Mehafil”, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party
Gair: Rival, Stranger
Dar: About, Abode, By, Door, Entrance, Fear, Gate, In, Into, Terror, To, Within
Khaanamaan: House, Home
Kharaab: Bad, Depraved, Kaput, Obscene, Out Of Order, Rotten, Ruined, Spoiled, Wicked, Worse, Wretched, Wry

is tarah apanii khamoshii guu.Njii
goyaa har simt se jawaab aaye

Khaamoshii: Silence
Guunj: Echo, Roar
Goya: As If, Eloquent, Speaking, Tantamount
Simt: Direction

‘Faiz’ thii raah sar basar ma.nzil
ham jahaa.N pahu.Nche kaamyaab aaye

‘Faiz’: A reference to the poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Sar-Basar: Wholly, Entirely
Kaamyaab: Successful


6 comments so far

  1. Sasi on

    Thanks for the meaning of the words. Can you please help with these too:


    Thanks once again.I am new to Urdu Ghazals, hence please forgive my ignorance.

  2. Harshit on

    Khuu.n means habit

    Goof translation, thank you

  3. Anonymous on

    This is the most beautiful rendition of wonderful poetry… Two masters… The world will never see the likes of them again.

  4. Shyam Iyer on

    Divine are these maestros.. Pakistan has such peace-loving artists musicians and equally wonderful brothers and sisters who love this music of my on lovable wonderful MehdiHassan… as a tribute to him I will sing this song and post it for you wonderful guy who shared this…

  5. Anonymous on

    Please write a post on “Mujh se pehli si mohabbat” by noor jahan, penned by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

  6. Anonymous on

    “Khuu.n means habit” is incorrect.

    Habit is “Khuu” (no nasal ending). Khuu.N is blood.

    “har rag-e-Khuu.N me.n phir charaaGhaa.N ho” can be loosely translated as “Let every vein again be set aglow”.

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