Nazar Se Nazar Ko

Lyrics by Surender Malik Gumnaam

nazar se nazar ko salaam aa rahe hain
phir un kii taraf se payaam aa rahe hain

Payaam: Message

jo pardah-nashiin they bahut muddaton se
woh lamhe mujhe bazm-e-aam aa rahe hain

Pardah-nasheen: One who stays veiled
Muddat: Awhile, Duration, Length Of Time, Period Of Time, Term, While
Lamhe: Minutes, Moments
Bazm: Meeting, “Mehafil”, Assembly, Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment), Gathering, Party
Aam: Coarse, Common, Commonplace, General, Familiar, Mango, Normal, Public, Ordinary (Plu. ”Awaamm), Universal

sajaane ko ab mere khwaabon ki bastii
ye phoolon ke gajre tamaam aa rahe hain

Khwaab: Dream
Basti: Village
Gajra: Wreath
Tamaam: All, Complete, End, Entire, Finish, Perfect, Total, Whole

zara toh karo sabr aye maikashon tum
tumharii hi jaanib ye jaam aa rahe hain

Sabr: Bear, Endurance, Patience, Resignation, Submission, Suffering
Mai-kashon: Drinkers
Jaanib: Behalf, Towards, In The Direction Of, Side (Of)

kahan kho gaye aap ‘Gumnaam’ ho kar
tumhe dhoondhne subah-o-shaam aa rahe hain

Gumnaam: Anonymous, Inglorious, Nameless, Obscure, Unknown. In this context, also refers to the name of the poet, Surender Malik Gumnaam
Dhoondhna: Look for, Track, Trace, Search


2 comments so far

  1. From New Jersey on

    Very beautiful. Heard for the first time and noticed the Gumnaam poet.

  2. Surinder Malik Gumnaam on

    delighted to learn that some one in New Jersey has noticed my ghazal.I have quite a few other Ghazals recorded recorded by Jagjit Singh (Yeh Peene pilane Ke sab Hain Bahane), Reshma (Dard kafi hai Bekhudi Ke liye ,Maut lazim hai Zindgi Ke Liye, Lo dil Ki baat aap Bhi Hum Se Chuppa Gaye, Lagta hai aap Gairon Ki Batton Mein aa gaye),Chitra Singh (Kanto ki Chubhan paye Phoolon Ka Mazza Bhi, Dil dard Ke mausam mein Roya Bhi hansa Bhi),Rajendra Mehta ( Yun To Ham Door Tak Chale Aye, Zindgi Ko sammajh Nahin Paye)etc
    Two new books have been launched “MERE KAL KA SAVERA (Hindi Script) and DHOOP KA SAFAR(Urdu Script) published by Diamond Books , Okhla Industrial Area Phase ii, New Delhi110020,India. (
    Surinder malik ‘Gumnaam’

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